Grand Jury Reportedly Convened to Hear Evidence in Trump Criminal Probe

Former President Donald Trump leaves Trump Tower in Manhattan

US President Donald Trump makes remarks on a television monitor from the White House Briefing Room during his last day in office, in Washington January 20, 2021.

A grand jury has been secretly convened in NY to decide whether to indict former president Donald Trump if criminal charges are brought against him or his businesses, according to reports.

"History, other presidents didn't have to put up with what I had to do".

The panel was convened recently and will sit three days a week for six months, according to the Post.

The development reported late on Tuesday signals that the Manhattan district attorney's office was moving toward seeking charges as a result of its two-year investigation, which included a lengthy legal battle to obtain Trump's tax records.

A spokesman for Vance refused to comment when contacted by AFP.

Wrapping up his 12-year tenure then, Vance confirmed earlier this year that he will not seek reelection, and the grand jury's charging decision could be the last major development of his more than decade-long post.

But in his blog Tuesday, Trump accused prosecutors of targeting him for the Russian Federation investigation, which has nothing to do with the case in NY. "This is purely political, an insult to about 75 million voters who supported me in the presidential election, and is being promoted by a very partisan Democratic prosecutor".

Trump claims that the investigation is a "witch hunt".

Vance's probe initially focused on hush payments made to two women who allege they had affairs with Trump ― but the investigation has since been expanded.

James is leading a criminal investigation into whether Trump's company misreported property values to guarantee loans and receive economic and tax breaks. A message seeking comment was left with Trump's lawyer.

Trump, who held the post of US president and ran a Republican administration from January 2017 to January 2021, registered as a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent in his earlier years, according to public records. Prosecutors are also scrutinizing senior Trump Organization executives like Allen Weisselberg, the company's longtime chief financial officer.

Investigators believe Weisselberg knows all of the Trump family secrets and have been putting pressure on him for months to cooperate with their investigation.

In recent months, Vance hired former mafia prosecutor Mark Pomerantz to help run the investigation and has been interviewing witnesses, including Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.



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