United Nations mission in Afghanistan to remain in place after US, NATO withdrawal

Op-Ed: Risks of U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan outweigh benefits

"We defeated the Persian Empire in the eighteenth century, the British in the nineteenth, the Soviets in the twentieth".

The UK wanted U.S. troops to stay in Afghanistan, the head of the Armed Forces has revealed.

Already, violence has increased since former U.S. President Donald Trump's administration reached an agreement with the Taliban in February 2020.

Garrett Smith served as a small arms technician for the U.S. Marine Corp during his stint in Afghanistan.

"I believe that the Afghanistan people are strong enough and they have the will to fight for themselves and support themselves, especially after the support that we've given", Fahlman said. "We achieved those objectives", Biden said.

There is no question that Al Qaeda has been degraded following almost two decades of Western counterterrorism operations. "It's time to end the forever war".

Fawzia Ahmadi, 42, now lectures at a private university in Balkh province in northern Afghanistan - a job she could not have dreamed of when the country was governed by the Taliban in the 1990s. Nor did Biden admit that, in two decades, the United States and its allies have been unable to build up a stable, democratic, popular government or a competent military in the country.

Since the US-led invasion that ousted the Taliban after the September 11, 2001 attacks, America has spent more than Dollars 1 trillion in fighting and rebuilding in Afghanistan.

Michael Kugelman is the deputy director of the Asia Program at the USA -based Wilson Center.

"Is everything going to go back to what it was pre- us going there". He said: "The best hope is that the peace process won't be dead".

As the annual threat assessment released this week by the USA intelligence community lays out, Al Qaeda remains among "the greatest Sunni terrorist threats" and continues to "seek to conduct attacks inside the United States". He is there to talk to Afghan leaders, and the Afghan people, about Biden's decision.

Prof. Zaland echoed, accusing the USA of "investing in corrupt and criminal people to democratize Afghanistan".

The banner headline across the top of the New York Times homepage during much of Wednesday proclaimed: "Withdrawal of U.S. Troops in Afghanistan Will End Longest American War".

Biden said USA objectives in Afghanistan had become "increasingly unclear" over the past decade and set a deadline for withdrawing all US troops remaining in Afghanistan by September 11, exactly two decades after al Qaeda's attacks on the United States that triggered the war.

Under the terms of the withdrawal, the US government has pledged to "hold the Taliban to its commitment to ensure Al Qaeda doesn't threaten" the USA and allied interests.

US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad spent years of his life negotiating with the Taliban to arrive at the 2020 withdrawal agreement. But if the Taliban and Al Qaeda are hoisting the black flag of jihad over Kabul this fall on the 20-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks, it will be an excruciating reminder of everything the USA has lost in Afghanistan and how little it has gained. Safi agreed that they are capable, but claimed security forces "continue to be limited due to lack of resources, due to lack of weaponry and support, particularly air support".

President Joe Biden speaks about Russia Thursday.

This comes a day after the armed group refused to participate in a 10-day meeting, scheduled from April 24 to May 1, to chalk out a possible political solution in Turkey.

He accused the Republican of not standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin despite his administration being aware of intelligence suggesting Russian agents were offering bounties to the Taliban.

It is also unclear whether the United States will continue the war by providing airpower for the Afghan military and carrying out covert operations. "We are well prepared for this withdrawal and for the redeployment of our troops".

A Brookings scholar, Reed said as per the assessment in 2018, Pakistan provided direct military and intelligence aid resulting in the deaths of USA soldiers, Afghan security personnel and civilians, plus significant destabilisation of Afghanistan.

They also said they didn´t believe any bounties resulted in US military deaths.

Ghani's government has been denounced for corruption and politics that divides people.

A Taliban resurgence would also jeopordize hard-won gains made for Afghan women since the group was ousted from power in 2001.

India is among the over 20 nations that have been invited for the talks.

The proposal was meant to urge both sides to bring ideas to the table for a peace conference in Turkey - originally scheduled for April 16, then delayed until April 24 and now uncertain after the Taliban said Tuesday it would not participate until all US and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces exit. And "we will not stay involved in Afghanistan militarily".



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