Suspect in Capitol barricade attack had declining mental health, friends, family say

A blue car is seen after ramming a police barricade outside the US Capitol building in an incident that reportedly resulted in the death of one Capitol police officer the injury of another officer and the death of the driver who was shot by police on Cap

According to the New York Times, the suspect described himself on Facebook as a follower of Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, who constantly promoted anti-Semitism.

Green's social media posts described searching for "a spiritual journey" within the Nation of Islam, a religious Muslim sect that the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as a hate group for its "bizarre theology of innate black superiority over whites" and "deeply racist, antisemitic and anti-gay rhetoric."Nothing indicated a clear motive for targeting the police, nor the U.S. Capitol building located hours from the stretch of Virginia he had recently called home.But as congressional staff grabbed lunch on Friday, Green allegedly rammed his dark blue sedan into two officers guarding a barricade on a road outside the Capitol.He then jumped out of the auto and lunged at officers with a knife, U.S. Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman said, prompting them to fatally shoot him".

The suspect shot dead after ramming his vehicle into barriers outside the US Capitol was identified by NBC News and other media outlets as Noah Green, a 25-year-old black man and reportedly a follower of the Nation of Islam.

In his post on social media weeks before the attack, Noah Green said these past few months have been tougher, and he had been tried with some of the biggest unimaginable tests in his life.

Facebook has confirmed that it pulled the account of Noah Green, a suspect in Friday's attack at the Capitol, which killed one police officer and injured another.

MSNBC erroneously reported Friday that the suspect in Friday's deadly auto attack at the U.S. Capitol was a "white male". "I am now unemployed, and I partially quit my job due to pains".

In Instagram stories, some posted just hours before the attack, Green blamed the United States government for his issues and wrote he believed federal law enforcement agencies were trying to conduct mind-control experiments on him, according to CNN.

Green's brother told USA Today that Noah moved to Botswana at one point.

Evans was an 18-year veteran and was a member of the department's first responders unit. They spoke on the condition of not revealing their names.

Facebook's decision comes after the second attack on the Capitol this year.

Green further made Facebook posts about the "end times" and the anti-Christ, according to The New York Times.

Five people were reported to have died in an attempted insurrection against the United States.

Capitol Police Officer William "Billy" Evans died Friday when an attacker with a knife lunged toward authorities, officials said. Biden commented on the earlier attack saying that it was a riotous mob and the participants were domestic terrorists.

We could play this game all day - if he had been a Trump supporter, there would be calls for Trump to be arrested and charged as an accomplice.

Boyland was known to have a criminal history, including battery, obstruction of law enforcement, and trespassing.



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