Germany's President Receives AstraZeneca Vaccine | heatlh & science , coronavirus


Under-60s can still take AstraZeneca in consultation with their doctor and if they are fully aware of the potential risks associated with very rare blood clots.

On Monday, Canada's National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) recommended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine to fight the coronavirus be "paused" in all individuals under 55.

On Tuesday, Germany's federal and health ministers agreed to limit the use of the vaccine to people aged 60 and older due to concerns about blood clotting.

Resumed use on March 25 after suspending it on March 11 pending investigations into reports that it might be linked to blood clots.

"The odds of dying in a auto crash are one in 100, to put that in perspective", Rodney Russell, professor of virology and immunology at Memorial University of Newfoundland, told in a phone interview on Tuesday.

"Clearly, there is a lot of pent-up demand", she said.

The symptoms of the blood clots can look like a stroke or heart attack.

Japan's health ministry on Thursday began a multilingual service at its call center for those who want to inquire about the effectiveness of an approved COVID-19 vaccine and its possible side effects.

That's out of 269 instances in a dozen countries, which included about 40 deaths, the regulator said.

The Japanese government has ordered enough doses of the two-shot AstraZeneca vaccine for its 60 million population, around half the population, the Japan Times reported.

"I'm seeing if I can get my name in here", she said, before being turned away shortly after.

Pos Malaysia, Mr Khairy said, would send fliers door to door, with emphasis on rural areas and states where vaccine registrations are low.

Under the provincial vaccine rollout, citizens in that age category will not be able to join the vaccination queue until May and June, using the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines.

One professor at the University of Alberta said the recent controversy around the AstraZeneca vaccine is unfortunate, as it might result in less people getting vaccinated.

It's easy to forget that all vaccines approved for use against COVID-19 have been granted "emergency authorization", which means they will continue to be monitored and reviewed as they are administered to the general public.

"In this era of shortage of vaccines, he is claiming he has access to 110 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccines lying down in an airport", he said.

Berlin's State Health Minister Dilek Kalayci said the suspension for younger people to use the AstraZeneca vaccine was merely a precautionary measure.

"At the moment, at this stage of our investigations, the link is possible, and we can not say any more than that at this point", Cooke said in a press conference.

The two batches are part of the contract for 13 million people.

And there's the trouble.

T&T is expected to get a second tranche of vaccines from COVAX at the end of May. He thinks it will be late summer, but in light of the latest data on AstraZeneca, it could be even later.

"According to the current scientific knowledge, there is no evidence that would support restricting the use of this vaccine in any population", the head of the EMA, Emer Cooke, said during a press conference.

"It has to increase hesitancy, which is going to slow down acquisition of herd immunity", Russell said. "So that is something that we will be deciding in the coming weeks, once we get to 16,000 or half of the 33,000 of the first vaccine", he added.

The data surrounding AstraZeneca has cast doubt on the vaccine since the start.

People infect each other, and if you give priority for vaccines for high-contact and high-risk people, you can prevent many more - infections, Colijn said.

"When it's my turn I'll allow myself to be vaccinated, including with AstraZeneca", Merkel said.

A single voice from the government about why there is changing information could help ease some concerns. "We need to be completely transparent", said Shapiro.



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