Biden Unveils $2 Trillion US Jobs, Infrastructure Plan

US President Joe Biden intends to make the bold infrastructure plan one of his flagship policies

On the transit side, Biden's administration said the funds will also go towards replacing 50,000 diesel transit vehicles and electrifying at least 20 percent of school busses, through a new program administered by the Environmental Protection Agency. It would fix 10,000 bridges desperately in need of upgrades.

The world's largest business organization, which has existed since 1912, added that is "strongly" opposes "the general tax increases proposed by the administration which will slow the economic recovery and make the USA less competitive globally - the exact opposite of the goals of the infrastructure plan". "We'll buy American products, supporting millions of American manufacturing jobs, enhancing our competitive strength in an increasingly competitive world", Biden said in the January speech announcing the two plans.

"We'll use taxpayers' dollars to rebuild America".

Mr. Biden's plan, he said, is just "the latest liberal wish-list" and a "major missed opportunity".

"I want everyone to do well", said Biden.

"We do not believe the administration's funding proposal is politically tenable nor a reliable long-term solution", said President and Chief Executive Chris Spear in a statement.

"He knows how to reach to the other side and make good things happen", she said of the president.

"We urge both Democrats and Republicans to avoid further partisan gridlock and provide productive solutions to get an infrastructure bill passed this year", the Chamber said.

"To gain bipartisan trust, this giant spending proposal needs an oversight body such as a National Infrastructure Board that will safeguard against partisan pork and waste and help cut through red tape delays", Philip K. Howard, chair of Common Good and one of the authors of Trump's infrastructure bill, told VOA.

Conservative lawmakers and lobbyists are anxious that the business community opposition to the proposed tax increases, which include a 21% minimum tax on global corporate earnings, won't be as strong as the campaign to support the 2017 Republican tax overhaul that lowered the corporate rate, according to a conservative tax lobbyist who asked not to be named discussing the situation.

Much of Biden's package focuses on green infrastructure to respond to climate change.

The bill would carve out $174 billion for the EV sector, as Biden aims to better equip U.S. companies to compete with China, which has a bigger market share of plug-in electric vehicle sales.

Officials inside the White House and federal health agencies haven't been able to forge a consensus about whether the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases in the United States is worth panicking about, Politico reports.



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