Sidney Powell: 'No Reasonable Person' Would Have Bought My Claims

One of Donald Trump's lawyers has claimed in a defamation trial that her claims of voter fraud were so outlandish that reasonable people would not take them seriously.

But in the wake of the United States election, Ms Powell launched a media campaign accusing the company of a litany of crimes and conspiracies.

Dominion's lawyer, Tom Clare, said in a statement that the company is eager for the case to move forward, adding that "Powell's attempt to dismiss the case contradicts her claim that she wants to present her evidence in court".

Facing a $1.3 billion lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems after spreading misinformation about voter fraud, ex-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell is now arguing that "no reasonable person would conclude" that her claims "were truly statements of fact".

Ms Powell told a press conference that Dominion had been created in Venezuela by the late dictator Hugo Chavez to rig elections. In the movie, the monster was easily slain, and the four lawsuits filed by Powell and her co-counsel Lin Wood alleging a giant plot between voting companies and foreign powers to interfere with the election met with the same fate.

Powell nicknamed her lawsuits the "Kraken", after the mythical, octopus-like creature depicted in the Hollywood blockbuster Clash of the Titans.

By doing so, Ms Powell "leaves the reader free to draw his own conclusions" of her accusations.

"Given the highly charged and political context of the statements, it is clear that Powell was describing the facts on which she based the lawsuits she filed in support of President Trump", Powell's defense lawyers wrote in a court filing on Monday.

But Buzzfeed reports that government filings show many people arrested during the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol have cited Powell's claims of a rigged voting system as a reason for believing the election was "stolen" from Trump. The company does not rule out that it will also sue Trump himself.

Trump referred to Powell as one of his "wonderful lawyers and representatives" in a November 14 tweet.

Dominion has also filed $1.3 billion defamation lawsuits against MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and against Giuliani, arguing that they, like Powell, damaged its reputation with baseless claims against its voting machines. The state of MI and the city of Detroit have both asked a federal judge to refer Powell for disbarment proceedings, arguing that she defrauded the court by lying about witnesses and violated rules of professional ethics in an attack on USA democracy.



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