Biden’s first press conference will likely focus on border, shootings

US President Joe Biden speaks about the mass shooting in Colorado from the State Dining Room at the White House in Washington DC 23 March 2021

Order it. Decide on priorities, on what needs to be done."In keeping with that principle, Biden said he hadn't engaged with Republicans on immigration legislation yet. They're now projecting it will exceed 6% growth in GDP", he said.

"We are not staying a long time", he said. He however added that he did not expect to have troops there next year. Biden said, "If we leave, we're going to do so in a safe and orderly way".

Biden pushed back at claims the flow of undocumented immigrants at the U.S. southern border has reached crisis levels, saying the surge is a mostly seasonal problem that happens each year.

Responding to another question on the inordinate delay in the issuance of employment authorisation card to H4 and L2 visa holders, a significant number of whom are Indian women, Psaki said that part of the reason the administration went to push for action on immigration on the Hill is to move forward with expediting the processing and doing that on several levels, including a number of the visas. She's a great partner.

Biden said he was "prepared for some form of diplomacy" with North Korea but it "has to be conditioned upon the end result of denuclearisation". Former president Donald Trump, for example, announced his plans to seek re-election on his first day in office. He said that he wants to work with heads of state to address the root causes of migration. The new White House team has carefully managed the president's appearances, which serves Biden's purposes but denies the media opportunities to directly press him on major policy issues and to engage in the kind of back-and-forth that can draw out information and thoughts that go beyond curated talking points. "It's wonderful. There is so much we can do that's good stuff, makes people healthier and creates good jobs", he said.

"I am not gonna do it", he said. And he was only willing to commit to full transparency for journalists in border facilities at a later date - yet to be determined.

" And earlier this month ... and apparently it got the Chinese attention ... that's not why I did it. It is sick", Biden said when asked about Republican lawmakers' efforts to impose voter restrictions across the country.

"I am going to stop this", he said. "I want to get them done consistent with what we promised the American people", said Biden, who spent decades in the Senate.

In the first news conference of his presidency, President Biden confirmed he plans to run for reelection in 2024.

Minute and repetitive questions about the dire border conditions were funneled into a series of responses based on the alleged inhumanity of the previous administration and scrupulously ignored President Trump's achievement in reducing illegal southern border entries by nearly 90 percent.

During the press conference, Mr. Biden remarked on and responded to questions regarding migrants at the U.S. -Mexico border, the COVID-19 pandemic, the filibuster, voting rights laws, and troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, and China.

Why did Biden speak now?

The formal setting allows reporters an extended back and forth on important issues.

It is true that some members of the press corps physically stood up as the president entered the East Room of the White House.



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