Leonids meteor shower to peak this week

A Leonids meteor shower is set to light up the sky today and tomorrow

Actually, this month there are two Meteor Shower i.e. meteorites rain, one of which is going to be Leonid Meteor Shower these days.

For the uninformed, the Leonids emerge from the comet Tempel-Tuttle, which requires 33 years to revolve once around the Sun.

Leonid meteor shower: Have you been wanting to watch a meteor shower?

The meteor shower gets its name from the constellation Leo the Lion, as the meteors will be coming from the stars that make up the lion's mane.

Leonid meter showers include "fireballs" that can last longer than seven meters.

"That famous shower had a major effect on the development of the scientific study of meteors", EarthSky's Bruce McClure said. The shooting stars of the Leonid shower appear to be arriving from inside the constellation Leo, the Lion.

Most of the UK is expected to be covered in clouds over the next 24 hours, so finding a clear sky may prove hard, according to the UK Met Office. It cited NASA as saying that in a year, as many as 30 meteor showers observable from the Earth can occur. Although such an event has been associated with the Leonid meteor shower before, the last storm happened in 2001. While orbiting, the Earth travels through this debris of rocks and ice that are left behind in the wake of a comet, and when the planet crosses them, this debris looks like a display of fireworks in the sky, which has been termed as a meteor shower.

The occasion ought to be broadly obvious across a significant part of the United States starting around 12 PM, likely sending at any rate twelve flares of light over the sky every hour.

"It is actually better to view the Leonids away from the radiant: They will appear longer and more spectacular from this perspective", NASA add.

"It's great to see just how many flawless stargazing spots there are as well as how many local authorities are now promoting their parks and outdoor spaces as stargazing spots". Because the Leonid Meter Shower Meter will be more visible in North Godhar, it will also be visible to the naked eye in India.

It's not expected to be a meteor storm this year but is expected to produce 10-15 meteors per hour.



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