Developer of 'Hitman' Series to Bring out James Bond Origin-story Game

Project 007 logo- James Bond

No Time to Die may have been pushed to next year, but we have some exciting 007-related news for you today as it's been revealed that IO Interactive is developing a new James Bond video game. IO are also recruiting talent from around the world for this game, so hopefully it'll be a banger.

The teaser trailer is 100% bond, featuring the iconic intro from the movies - the loaded gun, the fade to red, the famous music.

What exactly an origin story means isn't too clear. One thing we can guess, based on recent job adverts posted on the studio's site, is that the title could feature multiplayer, as there are now posts up looking out for a multiplayer network programmer and a senior multiplayer network programmer for an "unannounced project".

Honestly, this seems like a pretty much flawless match of developer and game title, with IO Interactive best known for the Hitman series, in which a very smartly dressed assassin mingles through increasingly large and complex worlds and crowds, aiming to reach their target and then get out as sneakily as possible. According to IGN, Project 007, which is a working title, is in development for consoles and PC on IO's Glacier engine. Before that the company struggled to find its footing with the franchise, releasing a lackluster series of games and odd spin-offs, including a GoldenEye remake/reboot. For now, let's just be happy there's a new Bond game on its way.

For more information on Project 007, be sure to stay tuned to TechRaptor.



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