COVID-19 vaccine shows promising results during clinical trial in Pakistan

An undated image provided by BioNTech shows a vaccine trial participant being injected with a vaccine against the coronavirus. Pfizer and BioNTech’s trial has shattered all speed records for vaccine development

"Our findings show that CoronaVac is capable of inducing a quick antibody response within four weeks of immunisation by giving two doses of the vaccine at a 14-day interval", said Professor Zhu Fengcai, one of the authors of the paper.

The vaccine produced fewer side-effects (like temporary fatigue) in the older age group, and blood samples proved it prompted a powerful immune response.

As per a press release on the early results, the vaccine was tested in 560 adults who received two doses of the vaccine or a placebo vaccine. He told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Thursday that he was "delighted" that early results show a strong immune response "even in those over 70 years of age".

Dr Ramasamy added: "The robust antibody and T-cell responses seen in older people in our study are encouraging. The next step will be to see if this translates into protection from the disease itself".

The researchers also stress that 240 participants were over the age of 70 and their immune responses were similar to younger people in this clinical trial as well as the results from the younger cohort from Phase I. This is a very important result given how older adults are one of the most-at-risk groups.

A health worker injects a person during Pfizer clinical trials for a Covid-19 vaccine in Hollywood, Florida, on September 9.

"We hope that this means our vaccine will help to protect some of the most vulnerable people in society, but further research will be needed before we can be sure". However, no adverse reactions have been reported by the state, the company or the trial participants, said Sinopharm. But since that work was done the trial has been expanded to include tens of thousands of individuals - a Phase 3 trial.

The concerned institution that is supervising the entire clinical trial process of the vaccine is likely to announce its preparation during the ongoing month after the successful trial.

United Kingdom authorities have placed orders for 100 million doses of the vaccine - enough to vaccinate most of the population - should it receive regulatory approval.

But rival drugmakers Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna have in the past 10 days edged ahead, releasing data from late-stage COVID-19 vaccine trials that shows more than 90 per cent efficacy. Now we've got to get the data about the vaccines in front of regulators for them to scrutinize it and approve the first vaccines.



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