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Nevada's Heller is fifth GOP senator to oppose health-care bill
- June 26, 2017

The House bill disregards the health care needs of low-income people. "It's all these mandates that have artificially driven up the cost of insurance on the individual market", Sen. Here's Washington Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell. Heller, who faces a hard re-election fight next year, said he would vote against the bill in its current form but did not rule out supporting a revamped version. (more...)
GOP senators now oppose health care bill as written
- June 26, 2017

Senate Republican leaders may rely on the deal-making former businessman to lean on conservative senators who are balking at the bill. McConnell may be pushing for speedy passage because that disunity is only getting worse. " Democrats in Congress created this calamity and now, if we don't act, millions more Americans will be hurt by Obamacare's deepening death spiral". (more...)
Health Care gains in danger!!
- June 25, 2017

If it passes the Senate, it will go to the House . "The current bill does not repeal Obamacare ", Rand Paul , one of the four Senators , along with Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Ted Cruz of Texas, and Mike Lee of Utah, who have said in a joint statement that they're "not ready to vote for this bill". (more...)
Michael Reagan: I guess Donald Trump was right Michael Reagan: I guess Donald Trump was right
- June 25, 2017

That would seem to be obvious, as the 5-0 special election sweep for the GOP and Mr. Trump strongly suggest. "We are the party that stands up for working families and the middle class, yet many of them are not voting for us". If presidential popularity can't be automatically transferred down the ballot, why should it be surprising if presidential unpopularity doesn't always transfer down the ballot? The Democrats tried to frame the Ossoff/Handel race as a referendum on Donald Trump . (more...)
SNP hold North Ayrshire as election ends in hung parliament SNP hold North Ayrshire as election ends in hung parliament
- June 25, 2017

A lot of Labour supporters were thought to be considering voting tactically for the Conservatives in order to register their opposition to a second independence referendum. NICOLA STURGEON has remained defiant over a hard Brexit despite "bitterly disappointing" losses for the SNP in the General Election. This morning, we have heard SNP figures acknowledge that the referendum demands were behind its bad result. (more...)
North Korea denies torturing US detainee Otto Warmbier North Korea denies torturing US detainee Otto Warmbier
- June 24, 2017

North Korea accepted repeated requests from the present US administration, the spokesman said, and repatriated the student on humanitarian grounds "in consideration of his bad health". More than 2,500 family, friends and well-wishers gathered for his funeral in OH on Thursday. A program for the memorial carried a quote from Andy Bernard, a character on the television show The Office: "I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them". (more...)
Another leadership test for Pelosi, who's weathered many
- June 24, 2017

That includes 24 seats Republicans won in November that Hillary Clinton also won. By now Pelosi should have been pulled down from her perch as the Democrat's minority speaker of the House and replaced with someone who understands the political implications of Trump's win and how to deal with it. (more...)
MSCI adds China-listed stocks to index in long awaited move MSCI adds China-listed stocks to index in long awaited move
- June 24, 2017

Global stocks retreated and the yen strengthened after oil tumbled into a bear market on concern a supply glut will persist. Stockholders of record on Thursday, June 22nd will be given a dividend of 0.5835 per share by the exchange traded fund on Monday, June 26th. (more...)
Senate Republicans Unveil Health Care Bill
- June 24, 2017

Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., facing a tough re-election fight next year, said he had "serious concerns' about the bill's Medicaid reductions". But where it differs, it tends to deal even more severe blows to Americans on the lower rungs of the income ladder. (more...)
Republicans release draft health care bill
- June 24, 2017

Under Obamacare , those between 100 and 400 percent of the federal poverty level were eligible for tax credits. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said that President Donald Trump "is pleased to see the process moving forward swiftly in Congress, and he looks forward to seeing a finalised bill on his desk". (more...)
White House paints Handel win as Trump triumph
- June 23, 2017

With the exception of the Ossoff-Handel race, Democrats were competitive, as a growing number of voters perhaps are being turned off by Trump's failure to get much done and came out to the polls. According to CNBC , Trump won this district's presidential votes by only 1.5 points. Last night, however, Handel beat Ossoff by 3.8 percent. Karen Handel staved off a challenge from Democrat Jon Ossoff , even though Democrats funneled a record-breaking $23 million into the election. (more...)
Senate health care bill: What is in it? Read it here Senate health care bill: What is in it? Read it here
- June 23, 2017

The Senate's new bill to reshape the United States health care system would hurt Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker said Thursday. Starting in 2020, the Senate version would begin shifting increasing amounts of tax credits away from higher earners, making more funds available to lower-income recipients, some of the officials said, the Associated Press reports. (more...)
In spite of tweet, lawyer says Trump not under investigation In spite of tweet, lawyer says Trump not under investigation
- June 21, 2017

In his questioning of Comey, our own Sen. Others argue the lines are not almost so clean-cut. The source said investigators have sought information from Richard Ledgett, who recently retired as deputy NSA director and, the source said, had written a memo documenting an attempt from Trump urging Rogers to tamp down on the FBI's Russian Federation investigation. (more...)
Opposition forced to rethink strategy, to meet June 22 Opposition forced to rethink strategy, to meet June 22
- June 20, 2017

Mr Azad said Congress has invited opposition leaders on 22nd of this month to discuss future strategy after BJP announced name of presidential nominee. "I will appeal to them, I will meet them and take their blessings", Kovind told the media on his arrival from Patna . We had a long list, which was discussed in the Parliamentary Board. (more...)
Gloria Allred to Bill Cosby: Gloria Allred to Bill Cosby: "Round 2 is coming"
- June 18, 2017

A decade later, another district attorney reopened the investigation after Cosby's lurid testimony about drugs and sex became public, and dozens of women came forward against one of the most beloved stars in all of show business. "Heinously and exploitively ambitious", she states. She also criticized the judge, the accuser's lawyers and the media. She was the director of operations for Temple's women's basketball team, and Cosby was a university trustee at the time of the alleged assault. (more...)
London fire: Death toll soars to 30
- June 17, 2017

Meanwhile, police have launched a criminal inquiry into the blaze, the United Kingdom daily reported. Hundreds of protesters surrounded Kensington Town Hall demanding answers. According to a blog managed by the Grenfell Action Group, a tenants advocacy group representing the interests of renters in the area in which the fire occurred, there had been "numerous warnings in recent years about the very poor fire safety standards at Grenfell Tower", saying that all of the warnings "fell on ... (more...)
Trump will clamp down on Cuban travel, trade Trump will clamp down on Cuban travel, trade
- June 17, 2017

While tourism to Cuba is banned by USA law, the Obama administration had been allowing people to travel to Cuba as part of "people to people" educational trips for visitors, a classification that a White House official said was "ripe for abuse" by those looking for beach vacations. (more...)
Trump Calls House Health Bill He Backed 'Mean' Trump Calls House Health Bill He Backed 'Mean'
- June 16, 2017

AshLee Strong, a spokeswoman for House Speaker Paul Ryan , said "congressional Republicans , with President Trump's support, are working to repeal and replace this awful Obamacare law that is harming Americans". No matter what your political persuasion, please tell your friends, acquaintances and pubic officials that you don't support this approach. Senate Republicans raced Tuesday to bridge divisions over insurance markets and billions of dollars in insurance subsidies in their ... (more...)
Virginia Blood Services calls for donations Virginia Blood Services calls for donations
- June 16, 2017

A decision to donate your blood can save several lives. One of the main problems, Aja del Cueto said, is that people only donate "when a family member needs it". We can't help to stop the disasters and accidents, but we can save the victims by giving our blood. Apart from the above guidelines, few other things also need to be kept in mind. (more...)
Chelsea 1st to visit Tottenham at Wembley in Premier League Chelsea 1st to visit Tottenham at Wembley in Premier League
- June 16, 2017

It then gets more hard for Antonio Conte and his team, which takes on Tottenham in the second round before games against Leicester away and Manchester City , Arsenal and Everton at home as part of their first seven games. Fixtures are now available for each of the 20 Premier League clubs. "But this is the Premier League - every game you play in the Premier League is going to be a challenge, particularly when you haven't been there before". (more...)