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Chelsea 1st to visit Tottenham at Wembley in Premier League Chelsea 1st to visit Tottenham at Wembley in Premier League
- June 16, 2017

It then gets more hard for Antonio Conte and his team, which takes on Tottenham in the second round before games against Leicester away and Manchester City , Arsenal and Everton at home as part of their first seven games. Fixtures are now available for each of the 20 Premier League clubs. "But this is the Premier League - every game you play in the Premier League is going to be a challenge, particularly when you haven't been there before". (more...)
Gunman dead after attacking congressmen at Virginia baseball field
- June 16, 2017

He was undergoing surgery at a hospital and was in stable condition. Representative Mo Brooks told CNN he heard a "bam" and then a quick succession of shots and saw the gunman shooting through the holes in a chain-link fence. "Nobody would have survived without the Capitol Hill police", Paul said. - Gunshot wounds to the hip, like the one Scalise has, can be more complicated than they might appear, said Dr. (more...)
7 takeaways from Jeff Sessions' testimony before the Senate 7 takeaways from Jeff Sessions' testimony before the Senate
- June 15, 2017

Comey replied that he had brought up questions about Sessions's contact with Russian Federation. If he did have a conversation with the ambassador, it was "certainly nothing improper". Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of OR asked Sessions about suggestions arising from Comey's testimony last week that there was something "problematic" about his recusal. (more...)
Theresa May completing Cabinet after election disappointment leaves PM weaker
- June 13, 2017

The only major change was the promotion of her close friend and ally Damian Green, previously the work and pensions secretary, to first secretary of state, making him officially her second in command. For someone who had been in the United Kingdom since 1978, the results of the general election came as no surprise for Steven Lee, a Malaysian photographer. (more...)
Boris Johnson denies plot to topple UK PM Theresa May Boris Johnson denies plot to topple UK PM Theresa May
- June 12, 2017

A stream of Conservative lawmakers walked into 10 Downing St. on Sunday to learn if they had been promoted, demoted or kept in their posts. In a shock return to government, Michael Gove was appointed Environment Secretary. She's then got to present a programme to Parliament . The talk of a Brexit "deal" refers to Britain's practical terms of exit from the EU. The DUP has released a statement saying the preliminary talks have been positive but would not confirm if a deal has been ... (more...)
Theresa May's top advisers quit after UK election shock Theresa May's top advisers quit after UK election shock
- June 12, 2017

Nonetheless, Ghany said there exists a very real possibility that May would face a leadership challenge this summer, even as her failed personal gamble to try to win more seats had led some of her party's sitting MPs to lose their seats. With 649 of 650 seats in the House of Commons declared, the Conservatives had 318 - short of the 326 they needed for an outright majority. If no party emerges with an overall majority, the incumbent Conservative Government would stay in office until ... (more...)
Theresa May to 'reflect' after losing majority in Parliament Theresa May to 'reflect' after losing majority in Parliament
- June 12, 2017

The development is an embarrassing turn for the British Prime Minister, who called the vote three years earlier than required, in a bid to give her a strong position in Brexit negotiations. She's decided the best way to get a good deal is to say "I'm pulling out of the single market, ending the free movement of European Union nationals into the United Kingdom, and if we don't get that and if we don't get a free trade deal, we'll walk away". (more...)
President Donald Trump tweets of James Comey's testimony 'total and complete vindication'
- June 11, 2017

But no sensible person can deny that Trump - with his obsessive tweeting and aphasic outbursts - has done nearly everything he can to make that cloud thicker and darker than necessary. Comey said Thursday that he began documenting his conversations with the president because he had a "gut feeling" Trump might lie about the nature of those meetings. (more...)
Trump's legal team to file complaint on Comey Trump's legal team to file complaint on Comey
- June 11, 2017

Comey would not say whether he thought the president sought to obstruct justice, but added it would be up to special counsel Robert Mueller , who is now investigating the Russian Federation allegations, "to sort that out". It worked, portraying Comey as a political operator who knows the ways of Washington. Comey, who was sacked by Trump last month, said he did so in hopes that the memos, which documented what the former director felt was inappropriate contact by the president amid the ... (more...)
Rahul Gandhi detained on MP border and taken in preventive custody Rahul Gandhi detained on MP border and taken in preventive custody
- June 10, 2017

Things worsened in MP, when police fired at the innocent farmers in Pipaliya Mandi, Mandsaur and five farmers got killed. "Whenever the farmers were in distress, we have gone to their houses to find solutions, give compensation and distribute insurance claims". (more...)
Accuser's mother bolsters story Cosby drugged, assaulted her
- June 07, 2017

Who is Bill Cosby? Outside court, Allred called Johnson "courageous" for her turn on the stand. But she is the only other accuser Judge O'Neill allowed to testify against Cosby at this trial. "We were afraid. My father felt so powerless". The first witness for the prosecution in Bill Cosby's criminal trial testified on Monday. Miller said he and Johnson's lawyers agreed not to produce a transcript and to try to settle the case. (more...)
Irish in Qatar need embassy's help, says TD
- June 06, 2017

The three Gulf states have banned their citizens from travelling to Qatar . U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson downplayed the seriousness of the dispute and said the United States was willing to help resolve it. She said to the reporters. This is an internal matter of GCC (Gulf Coordination Council). It did not elaborate. Monday's split is the continuation of a long-running dispute between the countries that appears to be taking a "nastier tinge", Feierstein said. (more...)
In shadow of deadly attacks, British election campaign resumes
- June 05, 2017

Police say the incidents occurred on the bridge and at Borough Market a short distance away. The 12 arrests were made in the ethnically diverse east London suburb of Barking. "One of them had a big knife. It was a rampage really", he said, adding that he heard a shout of: "This is for Allah". A moment of silence was also held in Manchester , where American pop singer Ariana Grande returned to headline a concert to raise money for the victims of the May 22 suicide bombing. (more...)
London attack victims: Australian woman and New Zealand man among the injured
- June 04, 2017

Mrs May said this was the third terror attack on United Kingdom soil in three months and during that time , the intelligence services had disrupted five further plots. Sri Lanka Cricket also assured fans that their team, who lost to South Africa at the Oval on Saturday night, was safe. Holly Jones, a BBC reporter who happened to be at the bridge when the incident occurred about 10:30 p.m., said a van swerved off the road into a crowd of pedestrians. (more...)
How Paris Climate Agreement Impacts Indiana Business, Environment
- June 03, 2017

Under the Paris agreement , negotiated during former President Barack Obama's tenure, the USA committed to reducing emissions by 1.6 billion tons by 2025. The only other outlier was Syria, who missed out due to political reasons more than anything. "The cost to the economy at this time would be close to three trillion dollars in lost GDP and 6.5 million industrial jobs , while households would have $7,000 less income and, in many cases, much worse than that", said Trump . (more...)
Macron rebukes Trump (in English) for ditching Paris climate deal
- June 03, 2017

Trump announced the USA withdrawal in an address at the White House on June 1, saying the accord "punished" the United States and would cost millions of American jobs. South Africa called the USA pullout "an abdication of global responsibility". "It's now necessary to look forward after last night's announcement by the US administration", she said, adding that Europe's biggest economy will continue to meet its obligations under the 2015 Paris accord. (more...)
Trump pulls U.S. out of Paris
- June 02, 2017

President Trump has repeatedly called the Paris accord a "bad deal" for the US and said it will hurt the economy. Many wondered if that would lead to other business leaders following suit. Three Democratic governors have said they won't let the United States back away from a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions , despite President Donald Trump decision to withdraw from an global pact. (more...)
The Battle for Number 10 was a clear win for Jeremy Corbyn The Battle for Number 10 was a clear win for Jeremy Corbyn
- June 02, 2017

But this election , in May's mind and that of her campaign guru Lynton Crosby, is not about the NHS or school funding, it's about Brexit , leadership and cutting immigration. Mr Corbyn met Mexican-born Ms Alvarez, 48, in 1999. "I think he should have been arrested and he should have been put on trial". Mrs May was also tackled on the Conservatives' plans to change who pays for social care, which have been dubbed a "dementia tax" by critics. (more...)
Trump Pulls US Out Of 'Unfair' Paris Climate Deal: 'We're Getting Out'
- June 02, 2017

At a press briefing at the White House , Mr Trump said: "In order to fulfil my solemn duty to protect America and its citizens, the U.S. will withdraw from the Paris climate accord ". Rick Manning of Americans for Limited Government commends President Trump's decision here. Under the pact, the United States had committed to reduce its emissions by 26 percent to 28 percent from 2005 levels by 2025. (more...)
Polls close in election after candidate allegedly body slams reporter Polls close in election after candidate allegedly body slams reporter
- June 01, 2017

Republican Paul Gianforte squared off against Democrat Rob Quist for the House seat in a special election. With a majority of the precincts reporting, Gianforte led by a 49-44 margin. The assault allegation didn't seem to faze voters. Gianforte had been a strong favourite throughout the campaign and that continued even after authorities charged him with assault on Wednesday. (more...)