Solar eclipse to be visible in Derry today

How to watch 'the best eclipse in a decade' across Northern Ireland tomorrow

The Moon will blot out part of the Sun during the "ring of fire" solar eclipse on Thursday (June 10) morning. If the moment of maximum eclipse happens before sunrise, the eclipse magnitude - the percent of the sun that is covered by the moon - is denoted with an asterisk (*).

The type of eye symptoms that can occur after viewing an eclipse without adequate eye protection includes loss of central vision, distorted vision or altered colour vision. If it's at its closest point to earth it can block out most of the sun's rays which creates a total eclipse.

A solar eclipse occurs when Earth, the moon, and the sun line up perfectly so that the moon blocks the sun and casts its shadow on our planet.

A partial blackout of the sun is the best that many of us can see in this part of the world in a lifetime.

Remember: Don't look directly at the sun! Dr Chien Wong, consultant retinal surgeon at OCL Vision, said: "Solar eclipses can be a breathtaking spectacle".

People in parts of Canada, Greenland and northern Russian Federation will be able to see the full eclipse.

The partial eclipse will start around 11.20am and will be at its peak an hour later.

Locations in the north of Britain will get the best viewing of today's event - in Shetland, the nation's most northerly island group, it's expected that 39 per cent of the sun will be covered by the moon. The only glasses that can protect your vision from the Sun appear entirely opaque when used to view anything else.

Two pieces of paper or cardboard and a pin are all you need to set up your own "projector" that will allow you to safely, indirectly view the partial eclipse.

The fact that eclipses look the way they do from Earth is essentially luck. Meanwhile, Earth's distance from the Sun varies by about 3.3 percent depending on where we are in our orbit.

In addition, the rising sun may appear larger to our eyes than it actually is.

"For the big partial-eclipse sunrise in northeastern North America, a little bit of good fortune will be required". The next solar eclipse of any kind in Europe is on October 25 next year.

Projection devices such as pinhole cameras can also prevent potential damage. But that phenomenon will be visible only in Antarctica, and partially so in South Africa and the South Atlantic, according to NASA. Just six months later, on April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will cut a path across North America from Mexico up to Quebec, crossing several US states along the way.



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