Scalise, Comer say Fauci must testify about published emails, COVID-19 origin

Paul claims Fauci wanted to debunk COVID leak theories because the US invested in the Wuhan lab

Fauci has been accused, especially by conservatives, of playing down the lab leak theory, in part to protect the reputation of NIAID, which helped to fund controversial bat research at Wuhan.

In his email, Nilsen claimed China stopped counting Covid fatalities as early as January past year, "fabricated data", "misled the world", and "stopped counting dead Covid-19 infected bodies since January 7, 2020". "But we need to keep on investigating until a possibility is proven".

One January 2020 email to Dr Fauci from di director of di kontri largest biomedical research facility bin suggest di "unusual features" of di virus wey dem say indicate say e fit dey "engineered", wey make Dr Fauci say I go reach out via phone.

US intelligence agencies are still investigating reports that researchers at the Chinese Virus Research Institute in Wuhan were seriously ill in 2019, a month before the first COVID-19 case was reported.

Fauci responded to that email, but whatever he said was also blacked out.

'But in our experience with grantees, including Chinese grantees, which we have had interactions with for a very long period of time - they are very competent, trustworthy scientists, ' Fauci testified. The White House said two branches of the intelligence community believe the Sars-Cov-2 virus was transmitted naturally, but a third believes it came from the Wuhan Institute. Scientists from the Wuhan Institute of Virology subsequently visited the cave to take samples from the bats.

The news article, Dr. Fauci's leaked 2020 emails reveal knowledge of lab-leak theory appeared first on NewsBytes.

"From my perspective, your comments are courageous, and coming from your trusted voice, will help dispel myths being spun around the virus's origins", Daszak's note continues.

Fauci instructed Auchincloss to read the paper dealing with bioengineering viruses to infect humans more effectively and perform unspecified tasks associated with the development.

After Covid-19 was declared a pandemic previous year, Fauci publicly downplayed the possibility that the virus didn't develop naturally.

'Well when they call for an investigation who do they put in charge of it?

David Asher, former head of the state department's COVID-19 origins investigation, questioned why Fauci was only seeking the medical records now.

JEN PSAKI: I'm not aware of him being briefed on the publicly reported emails.

And, when actor Brad Pitt played him on the Saturday Night Live sketch comedy show, he happily told a colleague that one reviewer said Pitt "looked "exactly like me".

Fauci shared a 2015 paper on "gain-of-function research on coronaviruses" with his deputy in that email.

A request for comment from Paul's office wasn't immediately returned.

The leaked emails paint a damning picture of Dr. Fauci's credibility because he had been categorically dismissing theories about the virus being man-made, until Senator Paul shifted the Overton window by presenting compelling evidence.



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