Super Flower Moon rises in clear sky over Sydney Opera House

Asia, Americas look to the skies for ‘Super Flower Blood Moon’

"Then we have this special situation with a super blood moon when all we see is the effect of multiple sunsets and sunrises on the moon as the Earth passes through the sun shadow", Garvin said.

Parts of the world were dazzled by the only total lunar eclipse of 2021 last night-dubbed the "Super Flower Blood Moon"-but folks in Newfoundland and Labrador hoping to catch a glimpse were left in the dark". It will appear as a "ring of fire" eclipse in Canada. In addition, the moon will be at perigee, or the closest point to Earth in its orbit, making it appear about 7% larger than normal and 15% brighter, or a supermoon, according to astronomers.

In "King Lear" William Shakespeare warned that "eclipses in the sun and moon portend no good to us". The moon will be fully immersed in the umbra beginning at 4:11 a.m. PDT, reaches maximum eclipse at 4:18 a.m. PDT, and starts its exit from the umbra at 4:25 a.m. PDT.

Rowe likes to imagine it as if he's standing on the moon. Pretty cool, he reckons.

Others captured the moon before it went behind the clouds. The eclipse was due to take place in the early morning hours in western North America, with people in Alaska and Hawaii poised to get the best views.

Sky gazers along the U.S. East Coast will be out of luck because the moon will be setting and the sun rising.

In Hong Kong, Dickson Fu left work early to watch the eclipse from a seaside promenade in the Sai Kung neighborhood.

The total lunar eclipse will be the first to occur with a supermoon in almost six years, according to NASA.

Fu, who is president of Hong Kong's Sky Observers' Association, picked that particular spot because it would give him an unobstructed view of the eclipse.

A photo of the eclipse captured by The Borneo Post photographer Chimon Upon from the Friendship Park in Kuching. And for those in places where the eclipse won't be visible, it will still possible to catch the action live online.

The celestial spectacle will take place before dawn Wednesday, when the biggest and brightest full moon of the year turns rusty red as it slips completely into Earth's shadow.

The moon will darken and turn red - the result of sunlight refracting through the Earth's atmosphere.

The moon will be more than 220,000 miles (357,460 kilometers) away at its fullest.



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