Twitter users obsessed with Jill Biden's hair accessory: 'I feel seen'

A Palm Beach County art student sold one of her pieces to a prominent artist who is in town this weekend for the Art Show Palm Beach

"She goes to the spa, has lunch, goes to the spa (again) and has dinner with Donald on the patio", an insider told CNN of her daily routine at Mar-a-Lago, "Rinse and repeat". It sounds like Melania is still doing things her way post-presidency. "Trump, meanwhile, remained in NY for the first five months of the administration, ostensibly to let son Barron finish up the school year; she never had more than 12 people on her White House staff, at times there were as few as seven", Bennett reported.

Twitter users immediately responded to the tweet, and while some agreed the President and his wife are #couplegoals, others loved her relatable hairstyle.

She also appeared alongside the president in a Super Bowl television slot and has held seven solo events or speaking engagements since taking up the role of First Lady.

Some Twitter users were moved by the video and thanked Trump for her efforts when she was first lady.

However, the campaign failed to have a major impact on the American public.

Jill Biden's office came up with the initiative to plant the heart-shaped signs outside the White House.

The office will focus on her favourite causes including children's well-being, raising awareness of the opioid epidemic in the United States and advocating against cyberbullying, the office said in a statement to Breitbart.

The office will also aim to tackle cyberbullying. "She looked me straight in the eye and said 'That's what everybody says'". She has many different ideas, and it will take time to establish them.

Meanwhile Mrs Biden is wasting no time getting down to business in the East Wing of the White House.

"She nearly always does dinner", another source said, adding that the former first lady is sometimes joined by her parents.

The First Lady decorated the White House lawn with hearts to mark St Valentine's Day on Sunday.

According to a report from CNN, former first lady Melania Trump has put politics behind her as she enjoys life living at the family's luxurious Mar-a-Lago spa in Florida, but has expressed bitterness at the positive reception that new first lady Jill Biden has received. Each heart-noted by the Hill to be modeled after those tiny sweet "conversation" confections we snack on around Valentine's Day-featured an inspirational word, such as "strength", "love", "unity", "family", "kindness", and, perhaps most important this year, "healing".



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