Ted Cruz flew to Cancun amid Texas power outages, freeze

Texas Senator Ted Cruz flew to Mexico amid state energy crisis, US media report

On Tucker Carlson Tonight Thursday, guest-hosted by frequent guest Mark Steyn, Fox News correspondent Trace Gallagher ripped Texas Senator Ted Cruz for taking a trip to Cancun, Mexico, on Wednesday amid the ongoing crisis in his state due to historically cold temperatures.

Cruz carries his luggage at the Cancun International Airport in Mexico before boarding a plane back to the US on Thursday.

Texas is in the middle of an unprecedented climate disaster, which has deprived much of the state of power and clean drinking water for days.

With #FlyingTed, #CancunCruz and #TedFled trends, netizens took social media by storm lambasting the Senator for holidaying while the people deal with electricity outages and water shortage amid freezing cold.

Cruz checked in for his return flight Thursday afternoon in Cancun and walked briskly through the terminal pulling a roller bag to security. Here is a roundup of all the best ones... Cruz initially tried to talk his way out of a jam by insisting he was just being a good family man and dropping off his wife, daughter, and friends.

Sen. Ted Cruz was caught en route to Mexico during a historic freeze in Texas wearing a mask that referenced the Battle of Gonzalez.

Livia Trevino, a 24-year-old whose Austin home was still without water Thursday, said she felt abandoned by government leaders.

Heidi Cruz appears to have rallied neighbors to join them in flying to Cancun.

According to the San Antonio Express News, Cruz has been spotted wearing the same mask on January 6, the day that he voted to object to Arizona and Pennsylvania electoral votes counts, and the day that a violent mob stormed the Capitol. "In the meantime in Texas. millions of people found themselves caught in the awful situation of not having electricity and heating at home, a few tens of people even lost their lives because of this".

I knew that photo looked familiar.

Cruz went on to scapegoat his daughter.

Its alright, Bernie is dog-sitting Snowflake.

Demonstrators stand in front of Cruz's Houston home demanding his resignation.

"It was obviously a mistake and in hindsight I wouldn't have done it", Cruz told ABC News, claimed that he had no intention to underplay "the suffering and hardship other Texans had experienced".

Everyone watching Ted Cruz getting dragged online.

The Texas representative is under fire over his short trip to Cancun, which he has blamed partially on his family, amid mixed messages about how his family has been affected by the blackouts and storms. People love dunking on Ted Cruz, and he's uniquely talented at putting himself in prime position for some of the most merciless dunks you'll ever see online.



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