School Board Mocks Parents, 'Unfortunate' Remarks Go Viral

Arlington Virginia.- The Zoom video meeting and chat app has become the wildly popular host to millions of people working and studying from home during the coro

The conversation occurred during a meeting members thought was private, but it was actually open to the public and the recording has gone viral.

"Are we alone?" former board member Kim Beede questioned on the virtual meeting. "F-".

The president of the school board, Lisa Brizendine, laments that school officials are being targeted amid frustration over reopening for in-person learning.

"Nuh uh", Brizendine said, before the screen went black. "It's really unfortunate that they want to pick on us, because they want their babysitters back".

Richie Masadas then added that his brother had a delivery service for medical marijuana and the clientele "were parents with their kids in school", appearing to suggest that that was why parents wanted their children out of the house. Other members laughed as he mocked then that "when you have your kids in school.No more puff puff give".

"I think that would be wonderful", one board member says.

The trouble began on Wednesday, during the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees, which was announced on the board's website along with a link for the public to join.

When the other members confirmed that it was private and no one could hear them speaking, Beede started imitating herself and threatening parents who had written letters about school re-openings.

On Thursday, video of the Oakley Union school board members griping about parents was uploaded to YouTube by an anonymous user who expressed a desire "for our local public school to be run by better people". These comments are not typical and more importantly they are not what the community should expect from our school district.

Unbeknown to the group, the virtual meeting where they were letting loose was being broadcast live to an audience that included the very parents they were disparaging - and at least one was recording.

According to Superintendent Hetrick, should another board member resign, Ed Code 5094 provides that the County Board President would appoint members of the county board to the Board until new members are elected or appointed.

At around the 7:25 mark, one member says, "Uh-oh.we have the meeting open to the public right now", and another responds with dismay, "Nu-uh" while a third echoes, "Great". "There has been a lack of communication from the board and this was the first communication we heard". "They deserve and will need your support as you move forward".

"I think that would be awesome", saidKim Beede, the trustee who can also be heard pledging to mess with critics in a profane tirade.

"One of my biggest concerns is, we see this being dragged out longer and longer to [the point] where I have the concern of - by the time my kids are ready to go in next year - is school going to be back to normal?"

Irate parents have now signed a petition titled "Oakley Union Elementary School District Board Members - Resign immediately or be recalled".

Hetrick wrote in his letter that more information on the school district's reopening plans will be available "in the coming days". I pledge to work collaboratively with stakeholders and community members to begin doing the important work that is needed to rebuild community trust in our district'.



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