WhatsApp this week: More on the privacy row

Facebook execs face grilling by Indian panel over WhatsApp's privacy

An Indian parliamentary panel will question Facebook executives on concerns around WhatsApp's privacy policy changes, a source said, days after the technology ministry asked the messaging platform to withdraw the changes announced earlier this month. About sent messages. If the user chooses not to communicate with any business account, no data other than metadata will be shared with Facebook. Additionally, users can create their own Drivers Share with friends, family and the people you love.

Q. What user data will WhatsApp share?

Another reason for the potential WhatsApp ban is that these rules apply to India but not Europe.

Although WhatsApp dominates with nearly two billion users, it is seeing the resurgence of two potential competitors who promise something that has now been questioned in the Facebook system, such as privacy in their communications. Also, Facebook will look at your interactions with businesses on WhatsApp to "personalize the ads you see on Facebook".

Users of the WhatsApp app have been informed about the decision of Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp, to establish data sharing between these two branches. Once the PoCs are successfully done, Frazor will also arrange for doing bug bounty programs and ethical hacking exercises. If so, please share your experience with us in the comment box.

While the social platform has access to your mobile number and your contact list which you must have provided while registering for its service, it is not privy to your bank details or a record of your financial activities.

WhatsApp-Bill has a feature for users to put status on photos, videos, etc. Everyone benefits other than the person whose data is being exploited. "Rather than borrowing any features, we are more focused on listening to what our customers want, and work on it accordingly, so that we can live up to the high standards that people in India have come to expect from us", she says, adding how the team is gearing to launch wallpapers, the most requested feature from India. Perhaps, George Orwell's dystopian fiction " Ninteen Eight-Four" has impressed on some schools of thought the possibility of an all-seeing Big Brother surveilling the activities of people globally.

To answer the all-important question: Should users keep using WhatsApp? Since the announcement, however, Vidal has deleted WhatsApp and installed Signal on her phone instead. In light of this piece, weigh out the pros and cons carefully. For its part, Signal, which despite being the oldest app of all was little known until recently, was developed by a former hacker who is now a computer security consultant. "New servers are ready to serve you".

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