Samurai Shodown coming to Xbox Series X/S in March

Xbox Series X and S Australia stock update

The Xbox Series X is still in its nascent state with a fairly small library of new games for the console, but there's plenty to see on the horizon.

The short video shows all of the action you'd expect from the fighting game that's been around since 1993.

Couple that with global supply and distribution issues, things aren't looking promising for those hoping to play some next-gen games (or some PS2 games) or a new makeshift fog machine (though I recommend you don't use the Xbox Series X for that purpose).

A free next-gen console update that'll turn your disc into a true PS5 and/or Xbox Series X copy of the game will arrive later in 2021, according to CD Projekt Red's latest roadmap. At the moment, no specific date has been given and it has not been confirmed whether those who already bought it for Xbox One will receive the game for free.

In a new "The Xbox Two" podcast, the Windows Central journalist was asked about his most-anticipated titles that now have been announced, after which he replied that he knows of "at least" two more major Xbox exclusives that weren't included on the list above-mentioned list. There have been around 20 renditions of the game produced since 1993 and the most recent came for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC last summer.



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