LG shows pictures of its first 'smartphone' with a roll-up screen

Bigger screen no folding

Like the LG Rollable smartphone, LG's rollable TV was teased at CES in past years.

LG at CES 2021 has announced its rollable smartphone and looks like LG is not the only company that is ... Essentially, the Rollable can transition between a smartphone and a small tablet, by using a display that can be seamlessly significantly expanded.

The report further adds that unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which pairs a tall and narrow external display with a more spacious interior, the Rollable has a single screen which is the same size as a traditional smartphone.

The LG Rollable has what the company describes as a "unique resizable screen".

LG isn't making the best-selling smartphones these days, but we have to admit that the South Korean company does have a flair for thinking out of the box, as we've seen with unorthodox models like the LG Wing. After the press conference, I.P. Park, CTO and President of LG Electronics stated that LG Rollable is expected to be available in the market towards the beginning of this year.

Designed as a female musician, the artificial human introduced LG's new CLOi robot that utilizes ultraviolet C light to clean high-touch, high-traffic areas, such as hotel rooms and restaurants as well as its new LG Gram laptop and UltraFine monitor.

As per a statement given to CNET, Stefan Streit, general manager of global marketing for TCL's phone business, has confirmed this piece of information. LG isn't the only company to be exploring the possibility of a rollable smartphone; TCL and Oppo have also shown off rollable phone concepts. The conference saw LG teasing just ten seconds of the new design- something that both TCL and Oppo talked about. LG has done a decent job on its one, but YouTube still seems like an easier place to find out what it's announcing. While most of us are quite used to phones with rigid, hard-backed skins, this new development seems to be interesting on its own.



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