AirPods Max users complain of wild battery drain despite Smart Case

Airpods Max Smart Case

Apple in December introduced the AirPods Max, its over-ear Apple-branded headphones that join the AirPods and AirPods Pro. While it's good that screws are usually used instead of glue (in contrast to other AirPods products), they are pentalobe screws, and there is still one place where iFixit had to work its way around glue inside the earcups. In addition, the inner cushions are made of elastic visco foam, and rotate independently. Numerous complaints have suggested that the AirPods Max are not properly going into a low power mode, and with no power button, there's no way to force them to conserve battery. I wasn't even attempting to connect to the ‌AirPods‌, I was airplaying to the HomePod in the room.

While I continue to be impressed with Apple's high-end over-ear headphones regarding their build and sound quality, they're undeniably pricey, coming in at an astounding $779. It's odd that the AirPod Max's were even awake as they were still sitting in the case. anyone else experiencing problems like this?

Hopefully, this is a software bug that can be fixed by an over-the-air firmware update. AirPods Max, monumental in each measurement and price, have not been round lengthy sufficient to realize ubiquity within the streets. So far, there has been no firmware updated pushed to the new headphones.

Moreover, the battery drain issue is not only a minor mishap, since the amount of battery drain is excessive, leaving users inconvenienced. Practically speaking they're never fully off.

User's reported issues indicate the AirPods Max are not properly entering low power mode in the above situations.

In the meantime you can try your hands on few more remedies and report to us which one worked! This confirms that your headphones have been reset to factory settings.

Force Restart the headphones - Continue to press, hold the Digital Crown and noise control button simultaneously.

Wait for the device to show an orange light.

Continue to hold the buttons until the white light flashes. And while it's not for the faint-hearted, you can access (and remove) the battery and Lightning port, two likely points of failure for any pair of headphones.



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