Inhofe rejects Trump demand on defense bill

Former top Trump adviser calls president's policy 'unwise'

Inhofe made the remarks on the Senate floor Wednesday evening in response to tweets from Trump on Tuesday threatening to veto the defense bill if it did not include language repealing Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act. "The only difference of opinion that we have is, I don't want it on this bill", said Oklahoma Republican Sen.

"You can't do it in this bill". Trump nearly sabotaged the package with an earlier veto threat over plans to stop allowing military bases to be named for Confederate leaders. Months ago, Trump said he would slap a veto on the bill if a provision authored by Sen. From taking money from military bases to build the border wall with Mexico to installing his nominees in administrative position without Senate confirmation, Trump has chipped away at the legislative branch like few other executives in recent times.

The Senate's second-most senior Republican, John Thune of South Dakota, said the fight over Section 230 reform, while supported by lawmakers in both parties, has no place on the defense bill and predicted the bill would pass despite the presidential threat.

"We would essentially have to come back and the new Congress, begin from scratch", Reed said, noting it could perhaps be done "quickly". "And when you're a publisher, there are certain responsibilities with that and you should not be immune from liability".

Trump's ultimatum and the fiery opposition it provoked sets up a showdown between Congress and the White House over legislation that would give troops a raise and set defense policy for the country.

It's typically a widely bipartisan measure, one of the few areas of common ground.

With Congress in session only until the end of the year, the House and Senate are running out of time to finalise the massive bill and avoid breaking the 59-year streak.

According to the statement, the NDAA will include "important provisions affecting our national security", including tools to "deter Russian Federation and China", funding for military infrastructure and reforms for the Pentagon - hiowever the bill that contains the military budegt will not include a separate notation for the elimination of Section 230, that Trump has been targeting for months.

Both platforms limited the reach of many of Trump's posts, notably those in which the president rejected his election defeat or questioned the integrity of the voting process.

Some Democrats, including Schumer, agree the Section 230 provision could be revisited, even as they disagree with Trump's tactic of attaching it to the defense bill. Jim Inhofe said Wednesday that using the defense bill to seek repeal of social media legal protections would kill a bill aimed at providing for the nation's troops.

Lawmakers announced on Wednesday that congressional negotiators had completed the conference report on the fiscal year 2021 NDAA, a compromise between separate versions of the bill passed earlier this year by the Republican-led Senate and Democratic-majority House of Representatives.

One Republican, Sen. Roger Wicker of MS, the chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, said he was tasked with showing the White House an alternative approach that could provide some clarifying language around the tech companies.

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., circulated a proposal among Republicans to restart talks on Covid-19 relief, after telling reporters it is based on what he believes Trump is willing to sign.

"In terms of a coronavirus bill, I don't think the White House is playing as large of a role as it did before the election", he said.



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