Apple to launch two mini LED MacBook Pros in 2021: Kuo

Two New Mini-LED Mac Book Models to Launch Year More Affordable Mac Book Air in 2022

Kuo now states that Apple will ship between 10 million and 12 million units in 2021, followed by 25 million to 28 million units in 2022.

Apple is expected by many observers to use mini-LED display backlighting technology in some of its products as soon as next year.

DigiTimes says is planning on launching its first mini-LED iPad Pro in the first quarter of 2021 and will begin mass production of mini-LED M1 MacBook models during the second quarter of 2021. Epistar is expected to take 90% of the mini LED panel market share, which is nearly the same as Apple's exclusive offer. There's also a MacBook Air with a mini LED panel planned for 2022. While earlier reports suggested that a Mini LED touting MacBook will arrive in 2020, that hasn't happened.

Mini-LED and OLED displays both hold advantages over traditional LCDs, including higher brightness, improved contrast ratio, and increased power efficiency. The analyst revised his previous forecast of Apple devices with mini LED panels that estimated approximately 2 million to 3 million units in 2021 and 4 million to 5 million units in 2022.

Additionally, in Wednesday's note, Kuo believes that MacBook Air and MacBook Pro shipments will "grow significantly" and double within three years to around 30 million units per year.

Apple is also said to introduce mini LED iPads which will actually be the first to launch next year. Kuo expects Apple's new silicon chips and the new form factor design as the other key factors to drive this growth.

Kuo also believes that the MacBook lineup will be the driving force of mini LED displays in 2021.



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