Rachel Maddow Returns to Air, Describes Partner's Virus Bout

COVID-19 nearly killed partner Susan Mikula

When she first went on her break, the newscaster didn't reveal who potentially exposed her to the virus, but now, the journalist has revealed that it was her longtime partner, Susan Mikula, who contracted the virus.

Maddow has been off the air for roughly two weeks since disclosing she had been in close contact with someone who tested positive for the coronavirus. "It was love at first sight, that has never waned, ' Maddow said, describing her as 'the center" of her universe.

While some people are still more or less sceptical about the virus that took over the world, Rachel Maddow wanted to make it very clear that this is not something that needs anyone's doubts. "At one point, we really thought there was the possibility it might kill her, and that's why I've been away".

This isn't a game or some stupid political debate about your right not to wear a f**king mask!

Maddow: Don't get this thing.

Maddow was broadcasting from her home office in order to continue quarantining, so was forced to set up her own microphone, camera, lights and more.

"For Thanksgiving next week, you really are just going to have to have it at home, without people coming over", Maddow said.

"If you know anything about me off of TV, if you know me personally at all, then the foremost thing you probably know about me is that I am in love", Maddow said.

"She's not only been positive over this time, she's gotten sicker and sicker while I tried to care for her while still staying physically apart from her", Maddow said.

"The way that I think about it is not that she is the sun and I'm a planet that orbits her - that would give too much credit to the other planets".

Returning to host the show from home following a brief hiatus, the 47-year-old said: "My relationship with Susan, at the end of the day, is the only thing that I would kill or die for without hesitation".

If you didn't know, Rachel and Susan have been together since 1999. Broadly speaking, there's no room for you in the hospital anymore. "You can't say I'm willing to just get it myself and play the odds, you don't get that choice". "Do whatever you can to keep from getting it. Thanksgiving next week?"

Rachel added, "It won't necessarily be you". And yes it's going to suck, but it's going to suck so much less than you or somebody in your family getting this and getting sick. And Susan has been sick with COVID these past couple of weeks. That is the person you may lose, or you may spend weeks up all night freaking out about and calling doctors all over the place and over and over again all night long, just trying to figure out how to keep that person, breathing, and out of the hospital, ' Rachel told her viewers, in part. "I would still give anything for that", Rachel said, while getting emotional.

Her comments came as coronavirus cases continued to rise across the United States.

"I'm guessing that you might be willing to risk yourself".



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