Amazon launches Alexa in Hindi for Fire TV devices in India

Amazon Echo Frames smart glasses now available, Echo Loop smart ring dead

Alexa Routines have been around for years, but they've been getting some nice upgrades in recent months. Day 1 Edition products are akin to a public beta test, where Amazon launches a device, in order to get customer feedback and determine if it's worth mass-producing. There is also support for calendars and group messaging on the second-generation Echo Frames.

But while the ring, called Echo Loop, didn't make the grade, an updated version of the Echo Frames has just launched, with new features, improved performance and a higher price, up from $180 to $250.

The upgraded Echo Frames are priced at $249.99 (roughly Rs. 18, 500) and are up for sale in the U.S., although their global availability is not clear as of now. They'll come in black, horizon blue and modern tortoise, and although they have clear lenses, customers will be able to get prescriptions installed at a LensCrafters store. Apart from offering hands-free access to Alexa, the Echo Frames will also continue to work as the native voice assistant on both iOS and Android smartphones. The volume can now be set to automatically adjust at the start of the playback based on user's selected listening profile and environment noise level.

Amazon claims the glasses' battery life is now up to 40% longer for continuous playback, with the volume jacked up to 60%.

The construction of Echo Frames includes speakers close to the ears, which allows the user to "listen discreetly" to Alexa.

Echo Frames smart glasses. The company also added a VIP Filter to notify only from certain apps and contacts.

Now users will set up Alexa Routines and automatically pause their TV and turn up room lights when somebody says: "Alexa, I'm getting a snack.' The company further stated, "You can also create a Routine so that when someone says 'Alexa, I'm back, ' Alexa can say 'OK - now back to your show" turn off your smart lights, and resume playing content". It comes with a proprietary magnetic connector for charging.



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