Your blood type may determine how sick you get from COVID

1,195 New COVID-19 Cases, 14 More Virus-Related Deaths Reported, State Health Officials Say

The study suggests that people with blood types A, B, or AB may be more likely to be infected with Covid-19 than people with type O. They also found that blood groups A or AB were more likely to require dialysis for kidney failure, suggesting these blood types might have a higher risk of Covid-19 complications than people with blood types O or B.

"We have the advantage of a strong control group - Denmark is a small, ethnically homogenous country with a public health system and a central registry for lab data - so our control is population-based, giving our findings a strong foundation", Torben added.

The two latest studies, one from Denmark and one from Canada, both appear to show that people with blood type O may be slightly less vulnerable to COVID-19 and have a reduced chance of getting severely ill.

Preliminary results from an ongoing study suggest that those with a certain blood type may have some protection against the novel coronavirus.

"Individuals with O blood type are between 9-18% percent less likely than individuals with other blood types to have tested positive for COVID-19, according to the data", a company statement said at the time. Another study in April (pre-print and awaiting peer-review) found that among 1,559 coronavirus patients in New York City, a lower proportion than would be expected had Type O blood.

While it's still not clear whether this link is a direct cause-and-effect relationship or simply a coincidental correlation, the two new bits of research further builds on the idea that blood type might have some role in how Covid-19 affects people. The researchers did not find any significant difference in the rate of infection between "A", "B", and "AB" types.

Patients with blood types A and AB did not have longer hospital stays than those with types O or B, but they did experience longer intensive care unit stays, which may signal greater COVID-19 severity. The interesting observation made in this study was that the patients with the blood group A and AB required more of the mechanical ventilation, as compared to the blood group O. Similar was the case with patients being admitted in the ICU.

People with blood group O positive can donate blood only to people with positive blood groups like A+, B+, O+, AB+.

Also this summer, the genealogy website released data they collected from 750,000 participants who identified they have tested positive for COVID-19.



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