USA elections 2020: Donald Trump votes in Florida


His team of researchers found that votes cast by youth as of October 21 have surpassed the 2016 presidential margin of victory from the same date, especially in battleground Florida.

He later retweeted GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel telling people to vote "early" and "in person". However, Junco said the data collected can't be a measuring stick. "I'm old fashioned, I guess", he said.

President Donald Trump has cast his ballot Saturday morning in West Palm Beach, Florida, and he tells reporters afterward: I voted for a guy named Trump.

Trump voted at a library serving as a polling center in Florida, where he has a home and to which he switched his residency from his native NY.

Almost 55 million Americans have now cast early votes as the coronavirus has made in-person voting more problematic. Some analysts say Trump will not be re-elected if he loses Florida.

According to a new poll by Gallup, Trump could still have a chance of being re-elected as most American believe they are better off under him that they were four years ago.

Democrat Joe Biden hasn't voted yet and likely won't do so until Election Day, Nov. 3.

President Trump is expected to attend three campaign rallies Saturday.

Trump shrugged off polls which continue to show his Democratic rival Biden leading the race.

The rush to vote is a sign of the intense interest in the contest between Trump and Biden, as well as concerns about avoiding crowded polling places on election day and reducing the risk of exposure to the coronavirus, which has killed more than 224,000 Americans.

Biden told supporters in Pennsylvania that he misses up-close campaigning, but doesn't want his events to "superspreaders" a barb seemingly aimed at President Donald Trump, who's set to hold a trio of big rallies later Saturday at a time of rising coronavirus cases.

Mr Obama, still popular in the party almost four years after leaving office, delivered a blistering attack on Mr Trump's leadership when he made his 2020 campaign-trail debut in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

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