Trump’s campaign website hacked by cryptocurrency scammers

Trump Campaign Website Hacked

The message reportedly said the world "has had enough fake news spread daily by the is time to allow the world to know the truth".

President Trump's campaign says its website was "defaced" on Tuesday evening.

It was unclear how long the message was visible before the entire webpage appeared to be taken offline around 7:25 p.m. ET.

The site soon appeared to go offline, and it was restored without the hacked message a short time later.

"Proving his criminal involvement and cooperation with foreign actors manipulating the 2020 elections".

Donald Trump Campaign Website hacked
Donald Trump Campaign Website hacked

The hackers' message also included two so-called PGP codes along with prompts for people to click one if they wanted the "strictly classified information" released and the other if they wanted it kept secret. There is no evidence to suggest that any sensitive data, such as donator information, was accessed, but until the site administrators investigate the event thoroughly it is a remote possibility.

The attack on the campaign website comes amid a series of alternative media stories accusing Trump's rival Joe Biden of being involved in shady business arrangements in China spearheaded by his son Hunter.

The website has since been restored.

CNN has reached out to an online security provider listed as providing services to the campaign and the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Last Monday, DNI John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Chris Wray accused Iran of sending fake emails posing as "Proud Boys" and threatening Democrats in Alaska and Florida, and said Tehran had accessed some USA voter information.



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