Trump, Biden square off, in a way, in dueling town halls

Competing Town Halls

"I'll tell you what I do know about".

Guthrie also asked him if he supports QAnon, a viral conspiracy theory that states "a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against President Donald Trump, who is battling against them".

"You're the president; you're not someone's insane uncle where you just retweet whatever". "That was an opinion of someone, and that was a retweet", Trump said.

"He may be right, I just don't know about QAnon", Trump insisted.

"I just told you", Guthrie fired back.

Guthrie: I don't get that.

"I know nothing about it". "And these two men - I'm getting out to get an application to be a lifeguard in the African-American community because there was a big swimming pool complex - and, uh, these two men, well dressed, leaned up and hugged one another and kissed one another, and I'm getting out of the vehicle at the light and I turned to my dad, and my dad looked at me and said, 'Joey, it's simple, they love each other'". "I owe a very, very small, it's called mortgages". "If you'd like me to..."

Ms Guthrie added: "They believe it is a Satanic cult run by the deep state".

Trump continued: " the subject. And I know how violent they are and how vicious they are. However, it was cancelled after Trump refused to participate in a virtual format of the presidential debate as amended by the independent debate commission following the president's Covid-19 diagnosis. "People can decide for themselves; I don't take a position".

The last Biden-Trump debate is scheduled for Thursday next week.

He again sought to minimize revelations from a New York Times investigation that he has more than $400 million in debt and suggested that reports are wrong that he paid little or no federal income taxes in most years over the past two decades. It didn't go well for the president.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham complained that "almost every question" Guthrie asked "was combative or in some way adversarial".

Trump: "What I'm saying is it's a tiny percentage of my net worth".

In any event, it is too early to know how the general public responded to the events tonight, remarks David Canon: "I think it is safe to say this didn't change anything, which clearly helps Joe Biden given his 10-point lead in the polls". He insisted that he didn't owe any money to Russian Federation or any "sinister people" and suggested that being $400 million in debt was a "very very small percentage" compared to his overall assets.



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