Trailer for long-awaited Borat movie starring British comic Sacha Baron Cohen published

'Borat 2' Is Coming To Amazon Prime Video Next Month

It's been over a decade since the original Borat bowed in theaters, but Sacha Baron Cohen is gearing up to bring the iconic character back for a sequel, which officially boasts the title Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.

Borat debuts via Amazon Prime Video on Friday, October 23.

In the trailer, the actor and comedian Baron Cohen is seen in the USA, apparently trying to marry his daughter to someone "close to the throne" of the White House, while on a "secret mission" to remedy the damage he did to Kazakhstan's image in the first film.

Borat then proceeds to carry out his mission by choosing a dress for his daughter and picks a disguise for him. Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan being hugely successful both critically and commercially, there had never been any talk of a sequel. Watch the movie trailer below.

The official sequel of 2006's hit movie Borat has officially announced its release date and shared its first trailer after secretly completing the film this year.

Baron Cohen was filmed back in July at a far-right rally getting attendees to sing along to a song about wanting to inject people like Dr. Anthony Fauci with coronavirus. At one point, he interrupts US Vice President Mike Pence's speech while dressed as Trump.

"Baron Cohen", 48, whose additional onscreen characters comprise rapper Ali G, homosexual fashionista Bruno and dictator Admiral General Aladeen, 'd promised that the was so recognisable it would not be possible to go undercover for the next Borat movie. Borat Sagdiyev was an ugly and sarcastic journalist who worked for Kazakhstan's state television, taking his distorted English and fatal prejudices to America to make a documentary about life in the United States.



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