The PlayStation 5's DualSense controller works with Android and Windows

Sony PS5 Dual Sense controller

A new announcement from Sony sheds light on the streaming platforms that will be available at launch on the PlayStation 5 console (November 12th), and Apple TV is one of them. He further tries to connect the PS5's DualSense controller to other devices, including a PlayStation 4 Pro and an Xbox Series X, but the connection was not established.

An unboxing video of the DualSense Controller made by YouTuber, Austin Evans, shows the controller work with the Windows-powered Surface Laptop Go and the Pixel 5 even though the box clearly states that it is only compatible with the PlayStation 5.

Where the video got really interesting was when Evans connected the DualSense to a Surface Laptop Go.

It is nice to know that the $70 DualSense Controller works not only with the PlayStation 5. However, its features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will not work with these unofficially supported devices. In the video, we not just see Evans connecting the DualSense controller to Android via Bluetooth without installing any extra app but also using it for UI navigation.

Here's more from Pete Smith from Sony.

These were the details of the news The PlayStation 5's DualSense controller works with Android and Windows for this day.

We can also notice a 1,560mAh battery on the new Sony controller for the PlayStation 5 consoles during its teardown.

The DualSense comes in a box that does not contain any cables in it and, when placed side-by-side with the DualShock 4, is considerably larger than the older controller.



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