The Last Of Us Remastered PS4 Load Times Reduced By 70%

The Last of Us Remastered Update Drastically Reduced Load Times on the PS4

Sony has begun rolling out a number of patches for PS4 games (assumed to be in preparation for PS5), but the games are seeing huge improvements on PS4 as well. This is just one of the PS4 titles that are expected to receive significant gameplay and performance improvements ahead of the PS5 retail launch next month.

Patch 1.11 for the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic adventure and reluctant dad simulator has massively decreased loading times across nearly the entire game, with some reporting as much as a 70 percent increase in loading speeds. In this case though, it's less about its excellent storytelling and more about its loading times.

YouTube account ElAnalistaDeBits uploaded a side-by-side comparison of what the load times look like after the latest update from Naughty Dog, you can see the video itself below!

The Last of Us Remastered has received a new patch on PS4 that has seemingly reduced load times across the game, including cutting the load times of game's first loading screen by over 70%. We see the loading times from the old version on the left side of the video and the new version on the right. One of the few things clear about Sony's backward compatibility plans has been that nearly all PS4 games will play on the new console.

Many believe that these new patches are Sony's way of getting their games ready for the PlayStation 5. The same goes for the sequel "The Last of Us 2" as well as the developer's "Uncharted" franchise.



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