State College Mom Appears On ABC's Joe Biden Town Hall

Supporters watch from their vehicles as U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden delivers remarks during a voter mobilization event at Miramar Regional Park in Miramar Florida US 13 October 2020

News was nothing short of reckless in its pursuit to offer the president a platform to continue to promote his risky lies even after contracting COVID-19. Trump instructed the Proud Boys to "stand back and stand by".

A sweaty and often out of breath Trump floundered on his stool under the bright studio lights and accompanying Miami weather Thursday night.

Trump faced a crackling round of questioning from Savannah Guthrie of the "Today" show, who pressed him on his personal experience with COVID-19, his finances and his support of conspiracy theories. Trump blew up at Guthrie, insisting that he did denounce white supremacy days later on TKTKT, but refused to answer why he didn't at the debate.

There was a missed opportunity for Guthrie to work with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, the moderator of Biden's debate which aired at the same time, to have coordinated questions and give voters the debate they were deprived of in a roundabout way - but, alas, television is a business.

"Savannah Guthrie posture toward Trump compared to Lester Holt's toward Biden is night and day", The Hill media reporter Joe Concha wrote, recalling a previous NBC News town hall with the Democratic nominee.

She challenged Trump about some of the specific beliefs of the QAnon group, Trump supporters who believe he's the man to save the country from "deep state" pedophiles.

The problem? She wasn't the one who was supposed to ask the questions.

She said: "QAnon is a theory that Democrats are a Satanic paedophile ring & you are their saviour".

"I just told you", Guthrie replied. I do know they are very much against pedophilia. "[LGBT+ rights are] something I fought for, for a very long time there was equality across the board".

"Trump, from the outset, was predominantly confronted with hard questions and little time that did not give him much opportunity to discuss policies", he says. This comes the same week that Attorney General Bill Barr admits that he can't deliver John Durham's report on the origins of the Russian Federation investigation before the election.

Trump, less than two weeks after being diagnosed with COVID-19, dodged directly answering whether he took a test the day of the September 29 debate, only saying "possibly I did, possibly I didn't".

Clicking away to Biden on ABC offered quite the contrast. The president, Biden finished, has "no plan". If you answer questions honestly, however, the opportunity for the Guthrie-sort of grilling vanishes.

'Instead of being chastened by being one of the few presidents, the only president to be impeached and have a member of his own party vote to expel him, it emboldened him, ' Biden said. That he stuck around and conducted an impromptu, unscripted Q&A further undermines the right-wing push to paint Biden as having dementia.

Summarising his observations from the town hall duel, Schantz opines that both candidates presented themselves well: "Trump was able to relate to the audience and Biden showed that he had command over a wide range of policy issues". Guthrie's grilling certainly played right into his "liberal" media complaints.

Guthrie tried to fact check Trump at other times, including when he claimed that mask wearing doesn't help.



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