SpaceX to launch 60 Starlink satellites to orbit

Onsite at Kennedy SPace Center's Press Site, all cameras are poised to capture the flame and fury of ignition and liftoff of Falcon 9, 8:46 a.m. EDT, September 3, 2020.

SpaceX's first-stage booster returned to Earth roughly 9 minutes after launch and landed on one of SpaceX's drone ships floating on the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

SpaceX is about to hit an even dozen for its Starlink launches, which carry the company's own broadband internet satellites to low Earth orbit. It was the booster's second flight, following a June GPS-3 launch for the U.S. Space Force.

On the other hand, Tice also explained that the latency speeds have been low enough to play the fastest online video games, and the download speed is fast enough to stream multiple HD movies at once and still have a surplus on the bandwidth.

That testing demonstrated download speeds above 100 megabits per second, and "super low latency", she said, though she did not quantify the latency.

SpaceX is now in the process of deploying a whole constellation of 12,000 of the internet-beaming Starlink satellites. "Over time, we will continue to add features to unlock the full capability of that network".

She also noted that SpaceX has recently completed its first inter-satellite link between the Starlink spacecraft capable of transferring 100s of gigabytes in terms of data between other satellites using the optic laser. SpaceX has confirmed that the download speed of 100Mbps + has been reached on Starling. However, the company has plans to launch as many as 40,000 satellites into space to pave the way for fast internet speeds across the globe. The next deployment of an additional 60 Starlink satellites is already scheduled for this week. In the past 60 days, 10 Starlink satellites have deorbited - eight from bulk launches, plus the two TinTin prototypes - according to Celestrack, a service from Analytical Graphics Inc. This is the very core capability for the whole Starlink network, which will, in turn, rely on different handoffs between the Starlink satellites to maintain connections while they all orbit Earth.



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