Progressives Decry Kamala Harris's Socialist Moment On '60 Minutes' As 'Ridiculous' Interview

Harris Laughs When Asked Whether She'd Push For 'Socialist Perspective' If Elected

"It's not how you talk about friends and it's not how you solve global challenges like climate change", Biden said in a tweet. "So are you going to bring the policies, those progressive policies you supported as senator, into a Biden administration?" Kamala Harris (Calif.) appeared to laugh nervously and struggle to formulate an answer when asked about her far-left political views during a recent "60 Minutes" interview, which aired on Sunday.

Harris responded firmly, "What I will do, and I promise you this, and this is what Joe wants me to do, this was part of our deal: I will always share with him my lived experience as it relates to any issue that we confront, and I promised Joe that I will give him that perspective and always be honest with him".

Biden, meanwhile, held a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday while former President Obama stumped for the Democratic ticket in Florida.

"And is that a socialist or progressive perspective?"

Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen.

"No. No", Harris answered, laughing even more uncomfortably than before. "Who also, you know, likes hip hop", Harris said, nonchalantly.

'The power is with the people, and you know that.

At this point, O'Donnell plainly stated what it was she had been trying to get at with her previous questions.

But Harris, the first black woman on a major party's national ticket, said Trump's pitch is rooted in "spinning" and misrepresenting her record and the Democratic ticket's proposals. "Are you going to push those policies when you're vice president of the United States?"

Ms. Harris had been asked about her own remarks during her 2020 presidential campaign about prosecuting Mr. Trump.

Additionally, the letter also spoke badly about Joe Biden saying that he would be severely beaten up to the point of death and for Kamala Harris, the letter said that she would be anally raped with this fellow's rifle barrel.



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