Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks This Week

Meteor Shower

It's expected the meteor shower will peak in the early-morning hours on October 21, around 1 a.m., but skygazers should check timeanddate.com to get an idea of the best viewing time in their area.

Stargazing fanatics in Phuket will be able to witness the wonder of the Orionid meteor shower at its peak later this evening (Oct 21).

Furthermore, when Halley's Comet whirls through the inner Solar System in 2061, it will refresh the field of dust responsible for those fantastic shooting stars.

Weather depending, experts anticipate people can spot as many as 25 shooting stars every hour, with particularly dark skies momentarily illuminated by flashes supplied by the cosmos.

Because the Orionids appear to originate in that area of the sky, the show is named after the constellation, which is best known for the trio of stars forming a hunter's belt.

What makes these showers distinct are the lovely gas trails left behind that can stretch out for seconds after the meteor itself is gone.

Other meteor showers this year include the Leonids and Geminds in November and December, respectively.

1986 photo of Halley's comet from Easter Island. In fact, you probably shouldn't because those meteors will have short trails and be harder to see.

From where we are, that show plays out against the backdrop of some of the most brilliant stars in the sky: the impressive Orion constellation.

While just under two dozen meteors per hour are likely, NASA says there is a chance that this year's showing could outperform expectations.

When is one of the best time to see the Orionid meteor bathe? You can check timeanddate.com to see when the shower peaks in your area.

And they enter our atmosphere at the extremely fast speed of about 66km per second. "At certain times of the year, Earth's orbit around the sun crosses paths with the debris". Some of the meteoroids are only the size of a grain of sand. (But point them northeast if you are in the Southern Hemisphere.) Then, look up: It will take about 30 minutes for your eyes to adapt to the dark in order to see the meteors.

The Orionid meteor bathe will supply a chief viewing alternative in a single day Tuesday.NASA/JPLThe place are one of the best locations to see the Orionids?

Here is what you need to know.



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