NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere to face sentencing for 'immeasurable damages'

An artist's sketch shows Mr Raniere with his hair cut short surrounded by lawyers

He said that went for the other victims too.

Lawyers for Raniere countered that he maintained his "complete innocence" and was the victim of an "unfair trial".

"I do believe I am innocent of the charges. It is true I am not remorseful of the crimes I do not believe I committed at all", Raniere said.

Prosecutors had sought life in prison while defence lawyers said he should face 15 years behind bars.

The court proceeding in Brooklyn culminates several years of revelations about NXIVM, which charged thousands of dollars for invitation-only self-improvement courses at its headquarters near Albany, N.Y., and had branches in Mexico and Canada.

Adherents included millionaires and Hollywood actresses willing to endure humiliation and pledge obedience to the defendant as part of his teachings.

Prosecutors said Raniere led what amounted to a criminal enterprise, inducing shame and guilt to influence and control co-conspirators who helped recruit and groom sexual partners for Raniere.

Mr. Raniere himself has expressed no regrets, accusing the federal judge, Nicholas G. Garaufis, of corruption and demanding a new trial. "(He) robbed me of my youth", said the woman during an impact statement at his sentencing hearing.

At another point, he cut Agnifilo off as the lawyer tried to argue victims were not always factually correct. "When you touched me, I recoiled".

Allison Mack looks straight ahead while walking outside a court. She is carrying a jacket and wearing a backpack
NXIVM cult founder Keith Raniere sentenced to 120 years in prison by New York court

India Oxenberg, the daughter of "Dynasty" actor Catherine Oxenberg, called him an "entitled little princess" and a sexual predator and lamented that she "may have to spend the rest of my life with Keith Raneire's initials seared into me".

She said at the time of her guilty plea. You're a parasite, a grifter and a liar. She was accused of recruiting other women into the cult.

"I had never agreed to give up the right to my body", she said. "And whether you think I'm the devil or not, the justice process has to be examined".

The dramatic story has been the subject of two screen adaptions: HBO's recently released "The Vow" docu-series and "Escaping the Nxivm Cult", a 2019 Lisa Robinson film focused on the testimony of a mother working to save her daughter from the organization. Seagram's heiress Clare Bronfman was sentenced to almost seven years last week for her role in the organization, and "Smallville" actress Allison Mack is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to racketeering charges. Prosecutors had sought only five years. He's also been accused of confining a woman for almost two years against her will, and forcing others to get abortions. The judge who delivered the sentence Tuesday called him "ruthless and unyielding".

The "slaves" were made to have sex with Raniere, hand over personal information and compromising photos - and some of the women were branded like cattle as other members held them down.

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of NY posted the news on Twitter.

The first speaker, identified in court only as Camila, recounted a 12-year sexual relationship with Raniere starting when she was 15 and he was 45.

"I want to move on, but he has damaged me in so many ways", said Camila, who added that she was still having trouble figuring out the line between an abusive and a normal relationship.

"A lot of people today in this room will carry their wounds with them for life".



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