Iran says United Nations arms embargo on Tehran has been lifted

US Secretary of State Pompeo Warns of Sanctions For Any Arms Sales to Iran                AFP 2020  HO

"Today's normalisation of Iran's defence cooperation with the world is a win for the cause of multilateralism and peace and security in our region", Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote on Twitter.

But the U.S. legal argument has been rejected by nearly the entire UN Security Council, with European allies of the United States saying the priority is to salvage a peaceful solution to Iran's nuclear programme. "We'll do the same thing with respect to the broader U.N. Security Council sanctions as well", he said.

Iran also said it was self-reliant in its defense and had no need to go on a weapons buying spree. "Unconventional arms, weapons of mass destruction and a buying spree of conventional arms have no place in Iran's defense doctrine", said in the statement.

"Iran's defense doctrine is premised on strong reliance on its people and indigenous capabilities".

Tehran has made strides in ramping up its local production of conventional weapons and defensive capabilities under the pressure of multilateral sanctions over the past decades.

In August, the United States - which pulled out of the JCPOA under President Donald Trump in 2018 - tried to extend the UN arms embargo on Iran, in a move that was anticipated to fail as it effectively relied upon the very agreement that the U.S. had abandoned.

Authorities have said Iran will be ready to sell arms when the embargo ends.

The US upped the ante against Iran since withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear agreement in 2018, by reinstalling sanctions.

The statement noted that it was a "momentous day" for the worldwide community because it had protected the nuclear deal in defiance of malign U.S. efforts.

After the Security Council rejected the Trump administration's attempt to expand the arms embargo on Iran in August this year, the USA unilaterally reinstated the United Nations sanctions that were lifted under the accord.

The overwhelming majority of UNSC members rejected the bid, saying it has no legal basis.

There is concern in Iran that softening relations between Gulf nations and the U.S. could unlock further sales. In 2015, Tehran entered into a deal with Russia, China, Germany, Britain, France and the United States that saw Iran promise to halt its nuclear weapons program for relief from crushing economic sanctions.

In an exclusive interview with Russia's Interfax News Agency, Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Kazem Jalali talked about various issues such as the prospect of cooperation between Iran and Russian Federation in the military and technical sphere after the termination of the United Nations arms embargo, the collaboration in developing coronavirus vaccine, and Iran's stances on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.



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