Denny's Turns Iconic Breakfast Sandwich Blue for Halloween in Miami, FL

October 31 to be a'Blue moon Halloween night

As freaky and interesting the idea of a blue coloured moon sounds on Halloween night, it is unrealistic.

The October month of this year is also ending with Full Moon. A normal solar year has 12 full lunar months, with an extra 0.3681 months or 10 days, 20.9 hours.

The last time there were two full moons in a month in 30 days was in June 2007, and the next will appear in September 2050.

This Saturday when you look up at the night sky, to gaze at the stars, make sure to take one good look at the moon, for it's "once in a blue moon".

To be clear, the term Blue Moon in this case does not mean that the moon will have a bluish hue. And because 2020 couldn't get any weirder, Denny's, the creator of the lyrically named Moons Over My Hammy breakfast sandwich, is having some fun with the rare celestial event by putting an innovative spin on the iconic dish by turning the bread blue.

Not only are we set to have a full moon on Halloween, we're set to have a rare full Hunter's Blue Moon.

While more frequent than a full moon on Halloween, blue moons don't happen all that, either. This, in western folklore is metaphorically used to describe the rarity of this occurrence and popularly referred to as Blue Moon.

Hence the world Blue Moon is not coined or recognized by International Astronomical Union (IAU) the highest body responsible for Astronomy but in culture or language, the PSI Director said. And, keep scrolling to check out some strangely spooky event and paranormal experiences various celebrities have encountered. if you dare!

If that 19 year period (2039-2020) sounds familiar, it's because it's also what's known as the Metonic cycle. The colour of the moon is pale and grey, just like always. Can you see Mars in the daytime before sunset, using the Moon as a guide?

This year is one of the full-moon Halloween years, bringing an additional air of spookiness to the holiday while at the same time lighting up the landscape for whatever trick-or-treaters continue with the tradition in this year of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, what's truly rare is a Halloween total lunar eclipse. With the first Sunday of November falling on the 1 in 2020, this is the earliest we can fall back to Standard Time. The blue part of the light is scattered the most and the red the least. "The "blue moon" was defined as "the third full moon in a season of four full moons".



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