Blizzard ends StarCraft 2 development, to focus on balance and "what's next"

Blizzard ends Star Craft 2 development to focus on balance and “what’s next”

Last night, Blizzard posted a lenghty blog post to the official website giving RTS fans an update on StarCraft 2 and its future. Blizzard is not now in the process of announcing StarCraft projects.The developer's current lineup includes: Overwatch 2, Diablo 4, Diablo: immortal, and World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

Blizzard Entertainment will end new content development on Stars ship 2, the sci-fi real-time strategy game that was first launched in 2010 StarCraft 2: Wings of Freedom. What this implies is that we're not going to be producing further for-purchase content material, similar to Commanders and Battle Chests, however we'll proceed doing season rolls and essential steadiness fixes transferring ahead.

"We will continue to support Starcraft II Like the previous years of games Hina War, Mainly focused on what our core and competitive community cares most about".

Blizzard has produced War Chests, unlockable content packs with cosmetic rewards, and playable commanders for Starcraft 2cooperative mode in recent years. StarCraft II esports, which is part of the highest echelon of professional competitive gaming, will also continue going strong as it has been through our partners ESL Gaming and GSL.

Blizzard will not merely be leaving StarCraft II followers with none SCV's or assist orders. "StarCraft is vital to Blizzard, and we have learned that it is a game that can change the lives of the people who make it, whether as a player, content creator, streamer, or community member (or developer)".

It's shocking to think that StarCraft 2 has already been kicking around for over 10 years.

What this means for StarCraft's future is unknown - does this mean the team is shifting towards a potential thrid act in the series, or shifting towards soemthing else entirely?

Regardless, as Blizzard draws the curtain on this classic and incredible decade of space real-time strategy, we can at least look forward to competition in the StarCraft 2 community remaining supported.



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