Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Opens Up About Running for President

AOC has launched as the latest star of Vanity Fair

Ocasio-Cortez also used the interview to reveal threats to her safety made since she became the youngest woman ever to serve in congress. It's disgusting. And frankly, he's telling you all what he really thinks of you. The 31-year-old said that her home address had been published online and that authorities had reported death plots against her.

The critics who are ripping Ocasio-Cortez apart for her outfit choices on the pages of Vanity Fair and calling her a hypocrite because she's wearing designer brand clothing are likely either ignorant about how magazine photoshoots work-or worse, they know how it works and they simply don't care and want to enrage their followers into getting angry or attacking Ocasio-Cortez for yet another reason.

Beyond politics, an in-depth interview that saw Ocasio-Cortez discuss her decision to buy a French coach and wondered "freezing my eggs".

"Every time I go on TV, people ask for my lipstick", she said, acknowledging that a bold lip has become a signature not only for herself, but also for Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar - all women of color serving as USA representatives.

One of the industry's most in-demand names since his historic Vogue shoot with Beyoncé in 2018, Mitchell is known for his dreamy take on fashion photography. "I truly make an assessment to see if I can be more effective". Another photo shows a shoot taking place on the Bronx Street, where Ocasio-Cortez grew up. Challenge him For having sex and being accused, call her "f ** king bitch" (accusation he denies, while apologizing for the "sudden nature of the conversation").

Ocasio-Cortez gained attention in the Democratic Party with her Green New Deal, though whether her popularity gained by going after the Trump administration and her new progressive proposals is enough to push her through a national campaign is unclear at this time. "I painted a cotton war that day, of course".



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