UK Reserves Up To 190 million Doses Of Potential Coronavirus Vaccines

Global Markets Asian shares buoyed by coronavirus vaccine hopes

As for the vaccine itself, Bourla said Pfizer is preparing for a situation in which they'll know if the candidate works by the end of October, adding that "I cannot say what" the Food and Drug Administration "will do" after that, but "I think it's a likely scenario" the product could receive federal approval before the end of the year.

Together, they've pledged to develop a coronavirus vaccine with aims to manufacture one billion doses - half of which is promised to India. Being alert to potential adverse reactions with any new vaccine is part of the process, he explained.

Oxford said that globally some 18,000 people have received its vaccine so far.

"This new agreement could help us vaccinate millions of people across the country, as well as help create a United Kingdom vaccine manufacturing facility to speed up access to a potential Covid-19 candidate and boost the country's resilience against future pandemics", said Britain's Business Secretary Alok Sharma.

Late-stage trials of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine were suspended last week after an illness in a study participant, casting doubts on an early rollout.

The university insisted that it was "committed to the safety of our participants and the highest standards of conduct in our studies and will continue to monitor safety closely". AstraZeneca had paused its trials on Tuesday after observing a single event of an unexplained illness that occurred in the United Kingdom phase III trial.

Previous studies suggest that lower doses might be required than in intramuscular injections to give protection, the Imperial researchers said. Due to their large size, the studies are considered the most important study phase for picking up less common side effects and establishing safety.

Chung said the government will negotiate with the relevant global organizations and vaccine makers to secure the early supply of the COVID-19 vaccines and would buy more as the development proceeds.

Dr Chiu said: "We have evidence that delivering influenza vaccines via a nasal spray can protect people against flu as well as help to reduce the transmission of the disease".

Scientists and others around the world, including experts at the World Health Organization, have sought to keep a lid on expectations of an imminent breakthrough for coronavirus vaccines, stressing that vaccine trials are rarely straightforward.



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