The Relationship Between Hormones and Exercise Performance




Hormones send messages to different parts of the body through the blood. The endocrine glands are located all over the body to produce enough hormones to regulate various functions of the body such as mood, fear, and exercise performance, among others.

Hormones have a lot of functions to regulate workout performance. If you are an athlete or fitness enthusiast, you should know this. This article is perfect for anyone who is interested in knowing the connection between hormones and exercise performance. Read on to learn more.

Major Hormones in Fitness

·        Testosterone and estrogen - These are found in males and females respectively. Testosterone plays a major role in fitness since it promotes lean muscle formation and also enhances performance. On the other hand, estrogen is great for cardiovascular health in women during exercise.

·        Growth hormone (GH) - This hormone is crucial in exercise since it promotes healthy bones and body composition. Hence, athletes can develop endurance in extreme workouts.

·        Cortisol - Although it is not mentioned as the other hormones, it is important for good health during your training. It is produced more during the morning hours and lowest when one is asleep.

Benefits of Hormones in Exercise

·        Stimulate nutrients - Hormones are involved in stimulating protein and carbs in the body. For athletes to get the energy they want, they might need to take steroids such as testosterone from or any other reliable seller to stimulate nutrients. This way, they will get the best from both their diet and workout activities.

·        Stimulate muscle recovery - Higher levels of hormones may promote recovery after an extreme workout. They increase the blood and oxygen flow and into the entire body, and this quickens the recovery process. They even reduce soreness, especially when you boost the production levels through steroids.

·        Replenishing energy store - You need the energy to continue with body metabolism even after a training session. Hormones promote the replenishment of these stores by regulating glucose in the cells.

How Exercise Affects Hormones

The relationship between hormones and exercise performance is mutual. On one hand, hormones promote performance, and that is why bodybuilders and sportspeople turn to steroids and supplements to boost performance.

On the flip side, exercising regularly ensures optimal productions and functionality of many hormones in the body. According to health experts, athletes have a high level of testosterone and other hormones as compared to people who just live a laid-back life.

As such, it is highly recommended that you engage in various physical activities throughout the week to stay fit, regulate metabolism, boost your mood, and promote sleep. All of this is possible because physical activities trigger the production of hormones.


As you can see, there is a deep connection between hormones and workout performance. The more you have certain hormones in the body, the better you become in exercise. On the other hand, the more you exercise, the more balanced your hormones become. It is, therefore, important that you keep these two in check to be a big success.

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