Spotify adds virtual event listings to its app

Spotify To Begin Listing Virtual Events On Artist Pages						
				Michael Broerman							|							Tuesday September 15th 2020

Once the event is linked on Spotify after setting it up through one of the ticketing partners, artist's can set it as an "Artist Pick", which automatically places it at the top of their profile.

Spotify is by far and away the biggest streaming service in music; in the last quarter, almost 300 million monthly active users explored the platform. "Head to the "On Tour" section of your favorite artists' profiles for their scheduled performances or take a look at the full listings on our Concerts hub", it continues.

It said anyone wanting to promote an upcoming streamed show on Spotify needs to do so via Songkick, and there is no way to list the events directly through Spotify for Artists. Starting today, all Spotify listeners will be able to find virtual event listings on artist profiles and in the Concerts hub. Also, see Spotify's tips for livestreaming from home.

Because the partnership is with Songkick and Ticketmaster, events must be listed through those systems before they'll appear on Spotify.

While there's no way for artists to generate additional revenue within Spotify by taking advantage of the new function - since the company isn't actually hosting the livestreams itself - it could offer expanded exposure for artists who use the feature.

Spotify has now made it easier for listeners to learn about the virtual events for artists they love or are discovering for the very first time. But artists aren't ones to be kept down and have found new ways to connect with their fans as livestreamed gigs are more popular than ever.



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