NASA wants to buy Moon resources mined by private firms

NASA Gateway moon

"NASA is buying lunar soil from a commercial provider!" By continuing to publicly release our data, NASA will ensure the whole world joins us and benefits from the Artemis journey.

NASA wants to buy some moon rocks, and it's seeking out companies to make space mining trips so that it can establish a legal framework for its galactic aspirations. NASA is asking for proposals from commercial space companies to offer up their proposals for collecting a small amount of rocks or dirt from "any location" on the Moon's surface, along with a photo of the collection process and resulting sample.

The US wants to become a leader in the exploitation of resources found in the soil or subsoil of asteroids and the Moon, a policy outlined in an executive order by President Donald Trump a year ago, despite an absence of global or legal consensus on the best way to manage extraterrestrial mining.

Eventually, NASA will retrieve the rock samples and bring them back to Earth. The current deadline given by NASA is to send people back to the Moon.

"This is one small step for space resources, but a giant leap for policy and precedent", Mike Gold, NASA's chief of global relations, told Reuters.

"A company has to decide for itself if it's worth taking the financial and technological risk to do this to sell a rock", she told Reuters. This is also open to companies internationally, so it's not just for US private space companies, and it's also possible that NASA will make more than one award under the program.

However, not every country is on board with the idea of space mining. While China has toned down its argument against the idea, Russian Federation has not. The lawful system, known as the Artemis Accords, incorporates the production of "wellbeing zones" around destinations where mining and investigation would occur on the lunar surface.

NASA plans to land the primary girl and subsequent man on the heavenly physique by 2024 as a part of an effort to increase house exploration and ultimately ship people to Mars.

NASA has a dozen other projects in the works that will help it prepare for a 2024 Moon mission. The aim is to have a long-term presence on the Moon rather than short trips. NASA has cast such a mission as a precursor to a future first human voyage to Mars. "Moreover, leveraging commercial involvement as part of Artemis will enhance our ability to safely return to the Moon in a sustainable, innovative, and affordable fashion", Bridenstine explained in his blog.



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