Millionaire victor admits he'd have struggled with pop culture questions

Donald Fear on 'This Morning'

A history and politics teacher, Donald Fear, has hit the jackpot at the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Donald Fear, 57, used just one 50/50 lifeline to become the first £1m victor in 14 years.

Donald's brother, Davyth, also appeared on the show and did very well indeed, winning £500,000 a year ago. Sounds like brains certainly run in that family!

"He's actually a lot cleverer than I am but I was a lot, I was luckier with the questions and the final question".

History teacher Donald, who lives in Telford, has now revealed how Davyth advised him ahead of tonight's episode, and his brother's words came to him as soon as he knew he would be sitting across from Jeremy Clarkson.

Donald described his brother as his "hero and best friend", to which Clarkson replied, "Other way around now", when he won the jackpot.

Asked how he would be spending his next holiday, Mr Fear revealed he meant to buy a motor home and visit "wonderful Britain".

He said he was "thrilled" for Donald.

The contestant even admitted he was able to answer the £1 million question - 'In 1718, which pirate died in battle off the coast of what is now North Carolina?' - before he'd seen it properly. He correctly answered 14 questions to do so.

Mr Fear said he will be using the money to ensure he has a "comfortable retirement" as well as helping family.

"The first thing I spotted was that there was a date in there... then a microsecond later I saw that it was 1718, ' he said".

The day after his win in the recorded show, Donald handed in his notice as head of history at Haberdashers' Adams grammar school in Shropshire, which the former Labour leader attended. "I know the answer".

Following his win, Mr Fear and his wife embarked on a caravan trip along the Northumberland coast.

When Donald was speaking with host Jeremy Clarkson after reaching the £1,000 milestone, he spoke of his brother Davyth's time on the programme.

The victor, whose identity is now being kept secret, is believed to be a man, but that's all we know about him so far.

"I had just given up, I was just saying to the staff "I am just too old and slow", "if I get in the chair, I will do a good job but I am not going to get in the chair", so in a way my mentality was fine because I had written it off, I wasn't full of tension", Mr Fear told ITV News. I was just in awe of this contestant and think they are probably the best the show has ever had in its 22-year history.

He said: "We went away on holiday the next day".



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