Ford Debuts Its New ‘Built For America’ Brand Campaign

News					Ford throws shade at Tesla and GM says F-150 EV will be a ‘real’ work truck

The truck's performance goes hand-in-hand with that visual statement; although Ford doesn't have any specifics available, the company did promise that the zero-emissions pickup would also be the F-150 family's most powerful variant of all time, meaning we can count on more than 450 horsepower (336 kilowatts).

While speaking with the media during the company's announcement of a $700 million expansion of its Rouge complex to build the F-150 EV, Ford's president of the Americans and International Markets Group, Kumar Galhotra, said the lifetime cost of ownership of the electric model will be roughly half that of a current-generation ICE F-150.

With an all-electric Ford F-150 on the way for 2023, the Blue Oval is entering the taunt-and-bait phase of vehicle development.

The electric F-150 will also debut (unspecified) technology that will allow it to function as a mobile power generator at worksites and jobsites. Sorry, to those hoping for a quad-motor, but a dual motor F-150 should still be plenty fun. That's more than whole companies such as McDonald's, Nike and Netflix.

Tesla Cybertruck giving test rides at Los Angeles unveiling event Nov. 21 2019
Tesla Cybertruck giving test rides at Los Angeles unveiling event Nov. 21 2019

The F-150 itself is the best-selling vehicle in the US market, and Ford says that in a segment of more than two million full-sized pickups sold per year, Ford makes half of them. This is a notable amount, considering that Ford's entire automotive revenue for 2019 was $143.6 billion.

In an address, soon-to-be CEO Jim Farley noted that the truck will be able to power entire worksites, and he called the F-150 Electric "a workhorse, not a showhorse".

Rendering of the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center which will produce the electric F-150.

Ford's mid-2022 target is also a bit late compared to the estimated delivery target for the Lordstown Endurance, an all-electric pickup that is targeted towards fleet customers. "F-Series pickups are the backbone of work and productivity across the country".



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