Facebook Partners with Ray-Ban to Launch Smart Glasses in 2021

Facebook will release its first AR glasses in 2021

Today at their Connect event Facebook announced their own Augmented Reality glasses similar to Google's Glass project.

The world's biggest social media company announced on Wednesday that it was partnering with Ray-Ban maker EssilorLuxottica for its 2021 smart glasses launch.

Zuckerberg did not get into specific features. The upcoming smart glasses will enable wearers to utilize communication apps. An onboard AI will also adapt to your surroundings to display information it believes you'd find interesting.

Facebook is working on this pair of smartglasses.

In a produced video that wasn't a demo of the device but was meant to show off relevant research, Facebook depicted some theoretical uses for AR glasses: getting an overlay of street directions, music recommendations in a record store or even visual alert showing you where your lost keys went.

Facebook-owned Oculus also introduced its Quest 2 virtual reality headset on Wednesday, which will retail for $299 and will begin shipping October 13.

Project Aria will not display information on the inside of the lens and wearers can not view or listen to the data captured by the wearable.

Facebook scientist Michael Abrash also described the research effort as a mapping project.

The company said the project was about "figuring out the right privacy and safety and policy model, long before we bring AR glasses to the world".

The Project Aria frames contain three front-facing cameras along with seven microphones and location-tracking sensors.

Project Aria will not be sold to consumers and is intended purely to determine how the technology should and shouldn't evolve into a finished product.

Many in the industry believe the glasses will eventually replace the functionality of mobile phones altogether, making their development a hotly contested race among tech giants like Apple, Amazon and Alphabet's Google.

"The research glasses do not use facial recognition identification technology, and we don't use this data to inform the ads people see across Facebook products".

Recording will only be allowed in the homes of wearers with consent from all members of the household, the company said. Magic Leap famously released somewhat unusual circular glasses that were attached to a large puck-shaped computer that users wear as they move around physical spaces. Expect them to begin roaming neighborhoods starting this month.



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