Covid 19 coronavirus may increase risk of neurological conditions including Parkinson's disease

Novel Coronavirus

From what they gathered, the places that had major dengue fever outbreaks during the past couple of years have shown low and slower infection rates of COVID-19, leading the scientists to believe that the dengue fever antibodies may offer some sort of protection against the virus.

Furthermore, Nicolelis also said that previous studies have shown that people who have been exposed to dengue fever in the most recent past have actually tested falsely positive to the virus even if they haven't been exposed to it.

She said when it first emerged that one of the symptoms of the virus was a loss of smell, her interest was piqued.

"COVID-19 continues to cause widespread devastation and in the absence of a proven vaccine, it is vital that we also look at other ways to combat the disease..."

Reaching a clinical diagnosis of Parkinson's disease is determined by demonstration of symptoms similar to motor malfunction, but at the time these signs happen involving 50 and 70 percent of dopamine cell loss in the mind has occurred, researchers stated.

"It is very worrying indeed to consider the potential global increase of neurological diseases that could unfold down the track".

He says: "I will review the importance of optimising management of risk factors in people with diabetes during the pandemic, and how to consider adjustment of glucose-lowering drugs in hospitalised patients with COVID-19 infection".

"We can take insight from the neurological consequences that followed the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 where the risk of developing Parkinson's disease increased two- to three-fold".

"We believe that loss of smell presents a new way forward in detecting someone's risk of developing Parkinson's disease early".

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein
Covid 19 coronavirus may increase risk of neurological conditions including Parkinson's disease

"We are talking about an insidious disease affecting 80,000 people in Australia, which is set to double by 2040 before even considering the potential consequences of Covid, and we now have no available disease modifying therapies".

His group is now pushing for a nationwide screening program, very similar to this sole Australia has for bowel cancer, even in an effort to capture prospective instances premature.

"By waiting until this stage of Parkinson's disease to diagnose and treat, you've already missed the window for neuroprotective therapies to have their intended effect", Prof Barnham said.

Prof Barnham anticipates the program would come at a cost of $5-10 million.

He also said creating an educational program for Global Positioning System was imperative to help them detect symptoms linked to Parkinson's, such as loss of smell, anxiety and depression.

Media_cameraResearchers are now pushing for a nationwide screening program for Parkinson's.

What they found is quite surprising.

"It is something we will need to know about and we will need to research more but before we've got that info... our goal isn't to scare people. We just have to keep monitoring the situation", he said.

Barnham said although Parkinson's was usually associated with the ageing and elderly, the disease most likely started in middle age. "As we have been hearing time and time again, the coronavirus doesn't discriminate - and does Parkinson's", Prof Barnham explained.



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